Inside Brian Austin Green’s Messy Split with Vanessa Marcil

Inside Brian Austin Green's Messy Split with Vanessa Marcil

The “Beverly Hills, 90210″Vaness Marcil and alum ended their two-year marriage in 2003. The bitter court battle over custody of their son Kassius erupted years later. Brian Austin Green sued his ex-wife in court for $200,000 he was allegedly lent. Daily Mail.

The court dismissed Green’s case, following which he cut off his son — then 11-years-old — from his life for five years. “I speak with empathy regarding Kassius’ dad considering the complete devastation that my son went through. My son and my family will tell you the same. I’ve had a rule all through our 13-year court case in my family that ‘no one is ever to say a bad word about Kass’ dad,'”Marchil wrote in Response on InstagramSend it to a friend. “I just finally, now that Kass is grown, tell the truth regarding our court case and him cutting his son out of his life for five years. If you look back at our history, his father publicly tried to slander me, lie about me, shame me as a working mother, and take full custody of my son. I never commented. He admits this now. He’s lucky that I don’t ‘speak poorly’ of him after what he put our innocent boy through.”

Marcil was not impressed by Green’s reaction to the court’s decision. The two had fallen out — there was no coming back!

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