Innocent Season 2 Release Date, Premise, Cast and much more.

`Whenever we mention the British series, Innocent, we may suspect an uncanny resemblance to Shawshank Redemption. The only difference is that Shawshank was premised around a man captured, accused guilty when he was innocent however, Innocent is about a man captured guilty pretending to be innocent.

Both are masterpieces anyway.


Innocent Season 2 Release Date

The irony! the compelling story, the enthralling twists, and the borderlines were given by this amazing series that can make a sane man doubt his instincts, Innocent is a thriller not to be missed.

The first season was broadcasted on ITV in December, 20019. The fans’ constant demand for a second season, caused the makers to renew the series for a second series which is all set to air on TV on May 17, 2021.

Innocent premise

The mystic mystery drama unfolds the story of David Collins, who has been accused of murdering his wife, Tara. He is sentenced lifetime in jail for this crime. He is, however, given bail on the basis of a legal technicality.

The story is premised around the repetitive efforts to unfold the mystery of Tara’s murder. There are twists and turns involving the law and order, all the drama going along with Tara’s sister Alice having custody of their children.

Innocent Season 2 Cast, Comeback, and New Faces

The cast of the first season shall be making a comeback with Lee Ingleby, Daniel Ryan, Fionn O Shea, Eloise Webb, Hermione Norris, Adrian Rawlins, Elliot Cowan, Christina Cole, Hannah Britland, Nicholas Asbury, Tony garden, Nigel Lindsay, Angel Coulby, Samuel Edward-Cook, Zahra Ahmadi.

However, the second season will be introducing many new faces, such as Katherine Kelly, Jamie Bamber, Priyanga Burford, Shaun Dooley, Amy-Leigh Hickman, Lucy Black, Michael Yare, Andrew Tiernan, Nadia Albina, Puppy Miller, Janine Wood, Laura Rollins, and Michael Stevenson.

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