Incels invented a new and cringeworthy term for dating called ‘Jestermaxxing’

Incels invented a new and cringeworthy term for dating called ‘Jestermaxxing’

There are many qualities that people on the dating scene are drawn to in guys. Nice hair, a good smell, rugged good looks and a nice personality are among them.

The likes of Pete Davidson and Tom Holland also seem to suggest that having a great sense of humour goes a long way towards sealing the deal.

But, inevitably, incels – an abbreviated term for involuntarily celibate, and typically used by guys – have stuck a cringeworthy label on it.

Describing it as jestermaxxing, incels describe the mere act of being a fun guy to hang around with as an entire dating strategy.

The term – highlighted by MEL Magazine – is specifically defined as the transition from when you stop trying to be hot and start trying, to be funny.

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But unfortunately for them, incels kinda missed the message.

Instead of realising that people want to be around fun guys, many describe it as a “coping” mechanism for guys who cannot accept the fact that they aren’The attractive.

One person contributed to the Lonely Men subreddit. “I jestermaxxed hard in middle school, just made myself look r*****ed.

“Don’t do it. Chads can get away with most things because of the halo effect.”

Chad usually refers to a handsome bro-type who is successful in the dating scene and has many friends.

Another incel wrote the following: “It’s great to socialmaxx, but it won’t get you a girl. If you’re not automatically disqualified by subhuman looks, the only way to get a girl is through assertive actions. Making her laugh is never going to be enough if that’s all you do.”

Non-incels have noticed that funny men are doing well in the dating scene. They routinely mock (jokingly), those who are making physical changes, but they could actually be improving their comedy skills by watching SNL reruns.

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