In India, scientists are racing to verify if the fossil is a 180-million year-old egg.

Scientist claims to find a fossilized dinosaur egg in India.

An expert believes that the egg may be more than 180 million years old.

It's thought all dinosaurs produced by laying eggs (fossil not pictured)


The fossils shown are not the actual dinosaurs.Credit: Getty

Indian media have credited Dr. Narayan Das Inkhiya with finding the eggs.

The man was reported to have been digging in a hilly area in Jethwai Gajroop Sagar, Jaisalmer.

As per NDTVHe said that it could be an egg from a dinosaur fossil dating back to 180 million years.

The fossil was found at the same site in Jaislamer in 2018.

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Herbivorous dinosaurs date back 167 millions years.

The species had never been discovered before.

Tharosaurus Indicus, the new species’ name, was large and had a long-tailed animal.

The fossilized eggs found in the sand are not related to plant-eating dinosaurs.

Inkhiya, Dr. is senior groundwater scientists. India Today.

He intends to give the egg fossil to the Geological Survey of India.

Carbon dating experts can then determine the age of the object.

The egg may be identified as a particular type.

Dr. Inkhiya believes the egg may have been from a dinosaur of that period.

According to him, the fossil measures about an inch and is 100 grams.

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