In an open relationship, a woman hooks up with her boyfriend’s brother

The woman admits to hooking with the brother of her boyfriend after he asked for a relationship. She goes to Reddit and does a crazy AITA.

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You can also use the Barbie The movie is a great way to expose the absurd double standards women, usually cisgender women, are forced to live by. America Ferrera’s monologue is worth applauding, but her character sums up well the notion that patriarchy requires women to conform to contradictory laws, while men have their own rules of masculinity. This is particularly true in the real world, as opposed to Barbieland.

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The men have a variety of reasons for not being emotionally involved with their female partners. They would rather pretend to set boundaries than discuss the issues with their partners.

Reddit users decided to use this loophole. She reacted to her boyfriend’s request for an open relationship by hooking-up with his brother. It may be a story too good to believe.

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In an open relationship, a woman admits hooking up with the boyfriend’s brother.

The story is believed to have originated in the popular “Am I A ——“” subreddit. It has also been shared on similar themed websites. Threads. Although people are unsure of its truth, the tale sounds so deliciously brutal that one can only hope to be true.

In a long post, OP explains how her boyfriend of 2 years requested an open relationship the worst way she could. She claims that her boyfriend said men have the “innate desire” of sleeping with as many females as they can, and wanted to get in peak physical condition to achieve this.

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Even at the conclusion of his argument, he called her “wife material”. According to OP the arrangement was only beneficial for him, because OP does not engage in casual flings. He reportedly said he didn’t want her to go out on other dates because she was “sweet” and “loyal.” So he did it to have fun, with little regard for what OP would think.

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It’s hard to know how to deal with the behavior of our boyfriend. Fortunately, OP did. She even hatched an immediate plan against her boyfriend to make him break his rules. The boyfriend took her on Tinder with an unknown stranger after she agreed casually to the relationship. OP on the other had taken it to the extreme. She contacted the 19-year old rugby player brother of her boyfriend and arranged to meet him.

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After each of them did what they wanted, OP then revealed her trick. He reportedly had a “complete breakdown” afterward and referred to her by all kinds of insults. Even her “peak physical form” talk was ready for him to see.

After this argument, OP ended her relationship with the boyfriend. However, the BF was not done yet with his arguments about double standards. According to the woman, he described OP as “deeply f —– and deranged,” while still wanting to be with her.

After the “innate desires” she shouldn’t have kept him.

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Reddit users agree the entire situation is comedy gold, regardless of whether or not it actually happened.

How could a man ask for an open relationship with a woman and get upset when she dates someone else? One person made a comment. I thought men are supposed to have a logical side.

One person said that the exchange is “better” than 50 Shades.

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A person questioned the authenticity of the story, yet praised it for its excellent writing.

“Uplifting [theme]And the ending is great. And [there’s] The feeling that lingers after a certain event [wishing] “It were true.

We can agree, whether this is a true story or merely a wish-fulfillment revenge smut that we all have on our minds. Men can be terrible when it comes open relationships. Anyone who has been hurt by this prospect can only dream of reaching such a level of arrogance.

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