Imagine Dragons Party in Bunker as World Crumbles in ‘Monday’ Video

Imagine Dragons have dropped their video for “Monday” off Mercury Act – 1, which arrived earlier this month.

In the clever Matt Eastin-directed clip, the band dance around, perform by a pool, and hang out, but their holiday-like oasis turns out to be an underground bunker where they’re hunkered down as the world crumbles above them. Despite their difficult circumstances, the song talks about being there for people you love and lifting them.

“When you’re down on your luck/I take the bass, baby, turn it up,” Dan Reynolds is the frontman. “When you’re face to the floor/I turn the dial, turn it up more/I’m there for you.” He belts on the chorus: “You are my Monday, you’re the best day of the week.”

The video follows the previously released clips for LP singles “Wrecked,”  “Follow You,” and “Cutthroat.”

Mercury Act – 1 was produced by Rick Rubin. Reynolds told Rolling Stone Rubin was “very actively engaged” as they worked together. “Rick was really good at just leading the ship and being very direct and not mincing words. If he liked something, he liked it. And if he didn’t like it, he told you it was terrible. I think we needed that,” He said. “During Covid, I sent him 100 songs that I’d worked on over the prior three years. And he wrote comments on every single song in an email… I wasn’t expecting that. I felt like he was going to say, ‘This is too much for me to listen to,’ or not really dig in. But he dug in on all of them and gave me very direct comments.”

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