I’m an interior designer & there are four trends you should avoid in your kitchen – they only look good in pictures

There are many trends when it comes to decorating your kitchen, but not all of them are good.

Even more important, what looks good on Instagram may not always translate into reality in real life.

All white kitchens are great in theory but are the worst to clean


White kitchens can be beautiful in theory, but they are difficult to clean.Credit: TikTok/@mrphoenixgrey

Phoenix Grey, an interior designer, used TikTok as a platform to show us the worst kitchen errors people make.

All white

If you long for a white kitchen, you’re not the only one. But they are far more expensive than you might think.

Phoenix said: “It looks incredible in photographs, but from an everyday lived-in experience the amount of dirt grease that splatters and collects everywhere, you notice everything.”

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All black

The same applies to completely black kitchens. They might look chic in theory, but you will be able see dirt gathering more clearly than you might think.

“Those all black kitchens look absolutely dreamy in photos”The pro explained. “but you will literally see every spec of dust that is collected on the vertical profiles of those cabinets.”

Painted refrigerator

You can make your kitchen look more modern by painting the fridge or toaster.

“The DIY trend of painting your refrigerator or even your appliances at any point,”Pros consider this a huge no-no.

“Coloured appliances look great when used in a professional setting, but I find that if you do it yourself it looks really cheap.

It may not look great in photographs at first, but it will look amazing over time. “it’s going to have every chip, every scratch, everything is going to be visible on it,”He elaborated.

Shabby chic

Mismatched chairs are the worst part of shabby Chic.

“Yes it’s very cute, it’s very eclectic but it ends up being far more confusing than chic in the long run,”Phoenix shared.

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The clip was viewed by a majority of viewers who agreed with one statement: “Ugh those chair, so much chaos!”

Another one: “I have white cabinets, can confirm I have to clean them every single day.”

You'll be able to see too much dust in black kitchens


Black kitchens will be filled with too much dustCredit: TikTok/@mrphoenixgrey
Matching chairs are more shabby than chic


The chicest thing about matching chairs is that they are less formal than chic.Credit: TikTok/@mrphoenixgrey
DIY painted refrigerators will chip in no time


You can make DIY painted refrigerators in no timeCredit: TikTok/@mrphoenixgrey

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