I’m an elegance coach – five bad habits that make you look cheap

WHEN it comes to social media, there are some things you should keep to yourself – according to an elegance coach.

Posting to social media may seem innocent, but some people might be making you look cheap.

An elegance coach has shared the bad social media habits that you'll want to rid yourself of


An elegance coach shared her bad social media habits with you.Credit: Youtube/Anna Bey
They could be making you look cheap


They could make you appear cheapCredit: Youtube/Anna Bey

“How to have a classy and well-put-together social media profile,”Anna Bey, elegance coach, started in a Video.

“I’m gonna share with you those crucial things that you really need to be cautious of whether to post or not post on social media.”

She started with provocative or sexy video topics.

“We have two types of provocative pictures online. We have the obvious sexy pictures, then we have the silent, kind of not obvious sexy pictures,”She explained.

Bey suggested that you choose less obvious sexy photos.

Next, she advised viewers not to brag or overshare their relationships on social networks.

“It’s fine, but do it in a balanced way. Don’t be every other day or other week bragging about your relationship. I think we all know how nauseating that could be,”She said.

However, she explained that it is okay to post an appreciation message once in a while for occasions such as Valentine’s Day.

“The next one is such an important pet peeve of mys, I find this ridiculous.

“I’m sure you have seen many people, especially on like Twitter or Instagram stories post random passive-aggressive quotes, but deep down you know that that quote is directed towards someone.”

Bey suggests that instead of venting your frustrations on the internet, you talk about them like adults. “immature.”

“Next in line, I’m sure some of you have heard this, because this is actually a pretty old-school tip if you want to be elegant,”Bey.

“I’m talking about never be photographed with cigarettes or alcohol in the picture.”

Bey advised that you need to be discreet while out partying as the pictures of you will be visible for a lifetime.

“What happens on the internet, stays on the internet,”She said.

She also cautioned that people should not go online after drinking too much.

“Even when you’re tipsy, cause you know what happens.”

She mentioned a drunken voice, slow speech and slurring video as examples of things that can make you appear unput together on social media.

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