I’m a travel whizz – my Ryanair booking hack will save you loads on cabin bags… never pay full price again

The travel whiz says that her Ryanair booking trick will allow you to save a bundle on cabin baggage – and you won’t have to pay full price ever again.

A video on TikTok posted by Jazz, an expert in money saving tricks, revealed this trick.

Jazz showed how you can save money on Ryanair luggage fees


Jazz shows you how to save on luggage charges when flying with RyanairCredit: Getty
The expert clicked the 'basic' tab shown here


This expert selected the tab labelled ‘basic.’Credit: TikTok/@lifeofjazz__

The woman said, “Use the following tip for cheap cabin luggage on your travels.”

Never choose the first cabin luggage option that an airline offers you.

Wait until the last minute to upgrade your baggage and you’ll get a cheaper fare.

Jazz showed how Ryanair’s website initially offered her a “regular” charge of £32.50 for a 10kg cabin bag and a smaller bag.

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Instead, she chose the basic option which included only a space to hold a small purse.

The expert said: “As you can see here, it’s £32.50 per person, per flight for cabin baggage.

What you are going to do is enter all your personal information here and then select the random seating allocation.

This extra cost is essentially for a seat reservation, which you will not use.

Jazz said: “You don’t really need a reserved seat. Let the airline take care of that.

You’ll have to wait until the very end to see the option.

“Priority – two cabin bags for £14 per person. Here’s how to get cheap bags for all your flights.

Jazz had got exactly the same luggage allowance while saving £18.50 – just by waiting until the end.

This comes after one pilot shared which brand of luggage he prefers and explained why.

She ended up getting a better deal on 'priority' luggage


She was able to get a better price on “priority” luggageCredit: TikTok/@lifeofjazz__

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