I’m a tech expert – your battery life will be much worse if you ignore important ‘secret menu’ setting

A setting in a hidden menu could cause your Android’s battery to die quickly.

If implemented properly, this menu can save a ton of battery.

Tech expert TechTok has explained how to access a secret menu within your Android phone that is draining its battery


TechTok explains how to get into a hidden menu in your Android that’s draining the battery.Credit: TikTok/howfinity
The first step is to go to App & Notifications under the settings


The first step is to go to App & Notifications under the settingsCredit: TikTok/howfinity

TechTok, a tech expert revealed the secret of this menu.@howfinityTikTok, which boasts 631.100 subscribers on its platform.

“Major boost to Android battery life! Try this now,” TechTok said In the Video.

Android devices have a battery saver that is part of the background application refresh.

“There is an option for every Android that will significantly improve your battery life,” TechTok added.

“And that is stopping background app refresh. Let me show you how to do it.”

TechTok shows you how to access the hidden app refresh menu.

“This should work with any Android device,” they said.

“We need to go to the settings menu.

“On this menu go to app and notifications.”

Next, go to the App Info or Installed apps.

“This will show you all your installed apps and you will need to do it with every app that you use very frequently,” they explained.

A screen will appear with several options when you click on the App that is most popular.

Press Advanced and then select the Battery Option.

The Manage Battery Usage section will be displayed, and below it you’ll see the -Background restrictions. The app can run in the background.

“There is an option called Battery usage and look at this, Apps can use battery in the background,” TechTok said.

Select Background Restriction in order to stop the app from using your battery.

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“Click on this and restrict this App from using your battery in the background,” they explained.

“Now, once you do this with every single app that you use most frequently, you’ll see a major improvement in your battery life.”

The next step is to click on App Info which will take you to a list of all your installed apps


Next, click App Info to see a complete list of installed appsCredit: TikTok/howfinity
The secret menu is Background Restriction which can be found once you click a high-usage App under 'App Info'


This menu can be found under the ‘App Info” section of a highly-used App.Credit: TikTok/howfinity

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