I’m a tech expert – here are 4 incredible iPhone tricks you probably didn’t know

Your iPhone is loaded with useful features. Many of these may have slipped by your radar.

An expert at TikTok recently shared four hacks for iPhone that make using your device easier.

A TikTok star has shared some lesser-known iPhone tips and tricks


TikTok’s star shared some less-known iPhone tips.Credit: TikTok

@katamogz highlighted the following in a VideoShe shared it with her 2.4 million followers earlier in the year.

Mute notifications

You can quickly mut an app that sends you too many notifications by going to the Lock Screen.

The Lock Screen displays your most recent notifications, the date and time, and is displayed when your iPhone is turned on or off.

You can stop an app sending you alerts after a certain time. swipe leftClick on a notification and tap Options.

You can choose to mute the notifications for that service for an entire hour or for the remainder of the day.

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Screenshot of the entire website

You can take a screenshot from the entire website, not just the area that is visible.

You will first need to snap a picture by pressing two buttons simultaneously.

For iPhones that do not have a Home Button, press the power and volume buttons simultaneously.

To take one on older devices press the power button and Home Button.

Tap from there Full pageTap at the top and center of your display DoneYou can save the entire page as PDF.

You can also ask Siri on the iPhone to send web links to friends if you feel particularly lazy.

It’s much easier than copying a link and pasting it into iMessage or any other chat service.

You can simply say, “I’m looking at a website on my iPhone.” “Hey Siri, share this with [name]”(or something similar). “send this to [name]”.

Siri will use iMessage to share the content of the screen with the person.

Send custom iMessage effects

You are probably familiar with the colorful animations you can create for your iPhone texts by using codewords.

Send an iMessage to activate the effect.

Typing “pew pew”For instance, activates a laser effect while “happy birthday”Balloons float around the screen.

You can make a screen effect with any combination of emojis.

Try it yourself by typing three to five emojis, and then holding the button. Use the Send button(That’s right above the textbox is the green arrow).

Tap ScreenTo send them a full-screen effect, tap the button at the top of your screen. Tap Send.

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You can craft custom emoji effects on iMessage within a couple of quick taps


In just a few clicks, you can create custom emoji effects for iMessageCredit: TikTok

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