I’m a size 14 and my friend is a size 2 – we tried on the same 3 dresses from Mango, everyone has a favorite

Two fashionable friends tried on the same three dresses, to show that you can look stylish no matter what size.

Maria Castellanos and Denise Mercedes both wear a 14-inch size.

Denise Mercedes, who wears a size 14, and Maria Castellanos, who wears a size two, modeled the identical looks in a TikTok video


Denise Mercedes is a size 14 while Maria Castellanos is a size 2.Credit: TikTok
Together, they launched a movement, #StyleNotSize, in January of 2020 and have continued to star in videos together


Together they created #StyleNotSize in January 2020. They continue to star in videos together.Credit: TikTok

These fashion bloggers come from different body types, but they are determined to show the world that style is what matters, and not size.

Together they created #StyleNotSize in January 2020. They have continued to star in videos together.

“For us, it was trying to get rid of negativity,”Maria shared her story with the Today Show.

“Everything on social media is, ‘This is how you’re supposed to look.’ … We’re giving you a hand and telling you to be yourself.’

In One videoThe ladies try on three identical Mango dresses at once.

The first, an ombré green body-con number, has spaghetti straps and a hem below the knee.

Both the women and men look amazing in matching dresses.

The second, a red floral and paisley dress with puffy sleeves, gives each one a dreamy look.

They each posed in a black bodycon dress with a strappy neckline and a one-side slit.

Even the women wore matching white sandals with each dress.

Video viewers have raved about it, with comments chiming in to pick their favorite look.

One said the green was the best. “gorg”Both, and another is the maxi “jaw-dropping.”

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Denise has a personal favorite, and she loves the slinky black cocktail dresses the most.

Others claimed that the TikTokers were beautiful. “gorgeous,” “stunning,” “amazing”In all its looks.

Viewers have raved about the video, with commenters chiming in to name their favorite look


The video has been viewed over 200,000 times, and viewers are raving about it. Commenters also love the video and have chimed in to share their favourite look.Credit: TikTok

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