I’m a shopping addict who’s spent £200k on designer clothes

A SHOPAHOLIC has admitted she’s spent more than £200,000 on designer clothes, bags, jewellery and shoes over the past few years, but can’t stop as she is addicted to the “thrill of the purchase”.

Bonnie Locket, 33, from Surrey, has more than 16 luxury handbags, 80 pairs of designer shoes and three wardrobes bulging with clothes – many of which have never been worn and still have their tags on.

Bonnie Locket can't stop buying designer clothes, shoes and accessories


Bonnie Locket can’t stop buying designer clothes, shoes and accessories
She has spent more than £200,000 over the past few years


She has spent more than £200,000 over the past few years

But the model, who has 1million followers on her Instagram account @bonnielocketxox, has no plans to stop anytime soon.

“I would definitely say I’m addicted to shopping and buying designer gear, it makes me feel amazing,” Bonnie told Jam Press.

Jam Press: “I wouldn’t buy a bag with a high street brand.”


“Sometimes I wake up in the morning and think about what I want to buy or I’ll get obsessed with a particular bag and won’t be able to settle until I buy it. Because I work hard, why not treat me?

“I usually go on a shopping spree every two months and spend a few grand on a new wardrobe and accessories.”

The influencer admits that she sometimes even finds things in her wardrobe that she can’t remember buying.

Bonnie stated, “It happens all of the time.

“I’ll be trying to find something in the closet and I’ll stumble across a dress or handbag that I’ve forgotten I’d bought.

“Also, sometimes things arrive in the post that I’ll have forgotten I’ve bought. I love it when that happens, it’s like a surprise.”

Bonnie says her real guilty pleasure is accessories – she’s a sucker for bags and shoes.

The model, who also has over 2million followers on her TikTok account @bonnielocketxo, said: “My favourite item are my Louboutin thigh-high leather boots.

“I’ve had offers for thousands from fans to buy them but I couldn’t let them go.

Nothing is better than wearing your new designer bag or shoes every day, or changing up your look with the latest fashion accessory.

“It makes me feel like a million bucks and what’s more, I’m proud of being able to buy them myself.

“Sometimes when I wear my Cartier watch, which cost over £10,000, I worry it might get stolen.

“Every now and again I do look at everything and feel a bit guilty because there are things I’ve never worn but I will one day.”

Bonnie’s fianceé Brad however isn’t bothered about having designer clothes – but would never dream of criticising his partner of 10 years over her spending habits.

Social media star and social media star Brad, who makes seven figures a years on OnlyFans added, “I am completely financially independent and regardless of what I spend on bags or shoes, we have very comfortable lives.”

“Brad can’t complain! He is a barn convert and has a Ferrari to drive. But he doesn’t moan. Happy wife, happy marriage and happy life!

“Some people might criticise me for spending so much on designer stuff but I work hard, I pay my way and you can’t take it with you so you may as well enjoy it.”

She sometimes finds things in her wardrobe that she can’t remember buying.


She sometimes finds things in her wardrobe that she can’t remember buying.Credit: Jam Press

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