I’m a security expert – check phone for app or risk strangers stealing your credit card number and passwords

If you use public Wi Fi, your data can be compromised due to its insecure nature.

When connected to a public Wi-Fi, a malicious person with enough knowledge can access reams of data. However, downloading an App will help you protect yourself.

Public Wi-Fi networks are open which also leaves the data traffic which holds your precious informaiton


The public Wi-Fi network is open, which leaves your data traffic and all of its precious information.

A computer security firm and security expert brought this tip to the attention of security experts McAfee How VPN can be your best friend when you use public Wi-Fi

The hackers are also known as packet sniffers or network analysts.

It reads the traffic of data that moves across a network in order to look for useful information.

There are now public Wi-Fi networks, and the data traffic is also left behind.

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Your credentials, such as credit card information or your personal details are picked up by data traffic.

You should also send a file that contains confidential information via email, along with your password for your bank.

Just a little bit of data analysis is all it takes for a malicious person to gain access.

But this doesn’t mean you have to completely stop using public Wi-Fi there is a way to dodge the bad guys.


You can use a VPN to protect your privacy when you are using public WiFI.

The device creates a connection securely between you and the internet.

The VPN creates long codes for accessing your data, making it difficult for the bad guys to get to.

“A VPN is an app that you install on your device to help keep your data safe as you browse the internet,” McAfee said.

“When you turn on your VPN app, your device makes a secure connection to a VPN server that routes internet traffic. ”

VPN Apps include Secure VPN Apps such as NordVPN Apps, VPN Private Apps, Best VPB proxy Apps, Free VPN Apps and Express VPN.

VPN Apps usually cost you $10 or less per month.

You can also sign up for an annual subscription and save money.

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