I’m a professional mermaid and people say I’m ‘superhuman’ – but there’s really strict rules on my make-up

A PROFESSIONAL mermaid has revealed what it takes to do the physically demanding job… and it’s not for the weak.

Mermaid Echo has strict makeup rules and holds her breath under water for several minutes.

Mermaid Echo's job is not for the weak


Mermaid Echo’s work is not for those who are weakCredit: TikTok/@mermaidecho
The job involves underwater acrobats, waving at spectators and warding off fish


Underwater acrobats are required to wave at the crowd and scare off fish.Credit: TikTok/@mermaidecho

She blows little air bursts to keep her alive and integrates bubble spray into her performance.

Underwater acrobats are required to wave at the crowd and scare away fish.

Mermaid Echo brings the character of Mermaid Echo to life in various commercial tanks that contain real fish.

Fish can bump into the actress and steal her show.

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Mermaid-Echo performs this while she wears heavy make up, heavy wigs and a tail.

People are really impressed by the person who created this role. They took to TikTok and revealed some of their makeup secrets in order to keep it firmly attached to the surface.

“I use some cream contour to kind of underpaint,” they said. “Then I powder, and then I go back in with powder contour.

“I use a myriad of products from my mum’s kitchen sink and my own collection.

“So, it’s all just normal make-up but setting spray is really the money-maker at the end.”

Mermaid echo is always a purple eye-shadow, with heavy glitter.

The “money-maker” product is the Green Marble SeLr Spray, designed to keep special effects make-up in place.

Mermaid Echo, however, finds that it is just as effective underwater.

The performer said in a TikTok clip that the rules for hair and make-up are strict to prevent anything from falling to the water’s bottom or flinging off. This could disrupt the ecosystem of the tank.

The temperature of the water in which you perform tends to hover around 13° celsius.

Mermaid Echo, based on the Wisconsin shores, aims to teach children nature conservation.

The person behind the character “works to inspire the next generation to care for at-risk aquatic ecosystems through storytelling and hands-on learning”.

“Mermaid Echo is an internationally award-winning educator and entertainer,” their website reads.

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“Echo is a certified PADI Mermaid Instructor, Open Water Diver and Red Cross Lifeguard who centres safety in her events and curriculum.

“She has over seven years of experience in one-on-one childhood development.”

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