I’m a pilot – why you should always book the first flight of the day if you’re a nervous passenger

Turbulence is a concern for many passengers. Planes are sometimes being thrown about as they travel through the air.

Although turbulence in flight is not dangerous, passengers can feel nervous and queasy.

Turbulence can make passengers feel unwell or scared during flights


During flights, turbulence may make you feel sick or afraid.Credit: Getty

Morgan Smith, a Boeing 737 pilot claims that flying earlier in the day can help reduce bumpy riding.

Interview with The New York TimesMs Smith stated that morning flight are more likely to be turbulent than afternoon flights due to rising heat.

She stated: “As the day warms into the afternoon, heat rising off the land increases the chance for turbulence near the ground and turbulence caused by storms.”

Morgan offered some additional suggestions to those who were concerned about the safety of plane travels.

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Her comments were: “The most serious turbulence-related danger is the possibility of a drink being spilled on board a plane.”

People are most likely to sustain injuries in turbulence because they get out of their chairs or don’t have their seatbelts on. So keep your seatbelt fastened, and don’t set your drink on your laptop.”

Some people recommend sitting in the middle of the plane to feel the effects of turbulent flight.

A flight attendant told Sun Online Travel: “For anyone who is really scared of turbulence, my advice would be to sit as close to the front of the plane as possible because it acts like a wave.

A slight bump in the front can become a lot more severe when it gets to the rear.

“Sometimes passengers at the front won’t even be aware of anything, while those at the back get really badly shaken up.”

Certain locations will also be affected by more severe turbulence.

Simon Marton worked as a flight attendant over four years and said that it was almost always bumpy on flights to Ireland.

According to him, passengers flying from the US to Britain will experience turbulence at the same place due to jet streams that cross the Atlantic Ocean.

Sun Online Travel spoke to him: “If your flight is from the States, and you travel to London, there will almost always be turbulence on the Atlantic Ocean coasts of Ireland.”

This happens two- to three hours before the landing. It is normal.

“Passengers shouldn’t worry about it, as it is due to the jet streams over the Atlantic that this happens, as it can cause high winds.”

This pilot also revealed some frightening facts about turbulence, which passengers will not like.

The former pilot shared with us the phrase that passengers need to pay attention for as it will tell them if they are going to have a bumpy flight.

Pilot Morgan Smith urged passengers afraid of turbulence to fly earlier in the day (stock image)


Pilot Morgan Smith advised passengers who are afraid of turbulence not to fly later in the day (stock photo)Credit: Getty

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