I’m a mom and potty-trained my 1 year old in 3 days.


MUM, A MUM, has shared how she was able to train her one-year old son to use the potty in just three days.

It’s fun to watch your child grow more independent each day. Until it’s time for potty training.

The mum claimed she had great success with this method when potty-training two of her kids (she was pregnant with the third one at the time of the video)


This method was used by the mum to potty train two of her children (she was also pregnant with the third at the time).Credit: Gabriela Lefty
She explained that apple juice makes kids want to pee more - which is great for potty-training


She explained that apple juice makes children want to pee more. This is great for potty-training.Credit: Gabriela Lefty

While most parents begin this journey when their children turn two, one mom began training her son at the age of one. She claimed it only took her three days.

Gabriela Lefty (mom-of-3), offered her assistance and took it to YouTube to share parenting tips that got her son ready for big boy pants in less than one week.

In the caption The videoGabriela shared that she liked the 3-day method for several reasons. Gabriela explained that you don’t have to spend money on pull-ups and you don’t have to wear too many undies.

Before you begin to follow the program, make sure your child has learned how to use a potty.

They can communicate verbally, understand commands, go a few hours without a wet diaper, and tell them that they’re going in or out of this diaper.

Juice is also a must for the three day method.

She explained that they should be peeing every 15-30 minute for the first two consecutive days. Water is not an option.

“The juice makes them want it so they chug. This makes them need to pee, so you can get lots of practice.

Gabriela shared her tips and said she didn’t use small potties when she was with her children.

“If you teach them only to use the small potty, they will never want to use the big potty again – so you need to wean them again.”

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Day 1

According to the parenting gurus, children will start the day by eating breakfast with their diapers and clothes still on.

Make sure to add juice and set a timer for 15 minutes.

“Change them into JUST A Shirt; No Undies or Pull-ups.”

After the time has expired, you can take them to the bathroom and tell them that you are going to ”pee-pee”.

Be aware that the child might not know how to use the toilet if they aren’t familiar with the idea of having an accident.

She reminded that you need to be cautious about how you react and don’t reward a child for sitting on the toilet seat.

“Praise and cheer every drop of pee that gets in!”

The mum-of-three said to only use a diaper for bedtime and naptime


The mother-of-three stated that she only uses a diaper to cover her bedtime and naptime.Credit: Gabriela Lefty

Day 2

Gabriela explained that the goal of the day was to teach them not only that pee and poo go in the potty, but that they also don’t go into their underwear.

“This is an extremely important day.

“Wake up diaper change and get on with it. You can wear your undies even at breakfast.

As the previous day, plenty of juice is important – but wait 20 minutes before you take your child to the bathroom.

She added, “Set timer for 5 minutes if they don’t go (repeat this 5 minutes until they go) or have an accident.

“When they pee, hurry to the potty. If they finish in there, PRAISE!”

Gabriela recommended to not praise and reward your child for simply having sat on the toilet


Gabriela advised that you don’t praise or reward your child just for using the toilet.Credit: Gabriela Lefty

Day 3

You will not be filling their bottles with liquids, or setting a timer on the last day. Instead, you can let them go as they naturally do.

Make sure to have a successful pee before you go on an outing.

Gabriela shared her advice and said that the day should be kept short – between 30 minutes and an hour.

“Use the portable toilet when you arrive at your destination in the car, and before you go home.”

Sharing her advice, she also recommended steering clear from using the small potty


She also shared her advice and recommended that you avoid using a small potty.Credit: Gabriela Lefty


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