I’m a lazy cook – my five-minute easy recipe uses up leftovers & helped me lose 50lb in weight, it’s so tasty

Love to eat but not cook? A self-confessed “lazy cook” has revealed the five-minute delicious pizza dish she is obsessed with.

The best thing about this meal is it makes use of leftovers, and she lost a whopping 50lb.

A woman has shared her five-minute recipe which she makes in her air fryer


The recipe is a five-minute air fryer meal that a woman shared.Credit: TikTok/@makayla_thomas_fit
Makayla claims this easy dish helped her to lose 50lb


Makayla says this simple dish has helped her lose 50lbCredit: TikTok/@makayla_thomas_fit

Makayla Thomas shared her “five-minute cheeseburger pizza” recipe and it has over 67,000 views.

She wrote: “If you hate leftovers but need a quick meal, turn your leftover burgers into this.

“A quick meal I ate often on my 50lb weightless.”

The first thing you will need is some pita and then some burger sauce.

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If you don’t have burger sauce, you can make it DIY style mixing ketchup, mayo, mustard and cajun seasoning.

You can also add cooked hamburgers, which have been sliced up. This is great if there are leftovers from your BBQ.

You can add any toppings to your pizza, such as pepper or cheese and mushrooms.

Makayla also added her name to the list @makayla_thomas_fit account: “Air fryer 400 for 5 or 6 minutes.

“If you have leftover burgers from the holiday weekend, this is for you.

“Quick, easy, macro-friendly meal.”

When the pizza came out of the air fryer, it was delicious and everyone commented.

One said: “I’m always checking your page for recipes and so far I’m down 18 pounds, you are amazing for sharing these.”

Another added: “I love your recipes and the fact that they realistic and don’t use 15 ingredients that you could only get at higher priced stores!!!”

First you need to get some pita bread and then add some burger sauce to the top


The first thing you will need is some pita bread. Next, add burger sauce on top.Credit: TikTok/@makayla_thomas_fit
Then you need to add leftover cooked burgers to the top and any other toppings you wish


Add any toppings and leftover cooked hamburgers on top.Credit: TikTok/@makayla_thomas_fit
Add to your air fryer for five minutes and your dish will be done


Your dish is ready after five minutes in the air fryerCredit: TikTok/@makayla_thomas_fit
Many people raved about her low-calorie dish


She is well-known for her low-calorie dishesCredit: TikTok/@makayla_thomas_fit

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