I’m a gypsy girl & I swear by a £3.50 buy that I use all over my house…it gets rid of streaks & makes everything shiny

A TOURIST has said that she found an inexpensive cleaning product which she uses to clean her entire home.

So if you are fed up of scrubbing away, only for smears and marks to still be there, you’ll need to listen up.

A gypsy girl has revealed that she swears by a £3.50 Spanish cleaning product to get her home sparkling


A gypsy girl has revealed that she swears by a £3.50 Spanish cleaning product to get her home sparklingCredit: TikTok/@cuzinsuzy92
Suzy took to TikTok to show off the cheap find, which she claimed gets rid of streaks almost instantly


Suzy posted a video on TikTok showcasing the inexpensive find that she claims gets rid of streaks instantly.Credit: TikTok/@cuzinsuzy92
Suzy swore by the Las 3 Brujas Glass Cleaner spray, which is just £3.50


Suzy swore by the Las 3 Brujas Glass Cleaner spray, which is just £3.50Credit: Tik Tok/@cuzinsuzy92

Suzy claims that Spanish cleaning agents are the best way to get rid of streaks.

And there’s a particular £3.50 bargain buy that she swears by for a perfect clean.

The gypsy girl took to social media to share how she gets her home sparkling, as she said: “Come and have a quick clean up with me, when I say quick, it’s gonna be so f*****g quick.

“I get all the dishes done so I can just get them out the way and then I go in with this [Kiriko Antical – limescale remover spray]This is the new version for your kitchen, bathroom, and other shiny things.

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“It’s my first time trying it out and I love it.

“We’re bleaching the kitchen first – so I’m bleaching down the kitchen, I did the outside of all the cupboards yesterday so I’m not gonna be doing it again, it’s not how I roll.

“Bleach the cloths with boiling water, leave that for a minute.”

Suzy demonstrated her Las 3 Brujas Spray Glass Cleaner, the product she uses to clean all of her glass surfaces.

She continued: “Do the tiles, love this glass cleaner, I literally use it for everything.”

Later on, we saw Suzy cleaning her table, as she noted: “And then I go over the top of the table with some three witches glass cleaner again.

This brings out the best in it.

“And that is it.”

If you want to get your home sparkling, you can order the Las 3 Brujas Glass Cleaner spray online for just £3.50 from Lemon Fresh UK.

Suzy’s TikTok clip, which was posted under the username @cuzinsuzy92The video, which was posted just three days prior, quickly accumulated 43,200 views.

This post has received 2,188 likes with 26 comments and 72 saved. It also has 5 shares.

Social media users were eager to share their thoughts on the cleaning spray and Suzy’s home in the comments.

One person said: “The window cleaner is elite! I love the smell.”

Another added: “Beaut home.”

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A third commented: “Your house is lovely.”

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She used it all over her kitchen to get the surfaces smear-free


It was used to clean her entire kitchen.Credit: tiktok/@cuzinsuzy92
She also used it to get her table shining too


The table was also polished with itCredit: Tik Tok/@cuzinsuzy92

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