I’m a doctor and here’s the grim truth about not washing your belly button properly

BELLY buttons can be a strange thing and it is important to clean it.

Whatever clothes we wear, or what lifestyle we lead, can all contribute to the dirt and sweat that collects in our belly button.

Just like the rest of your body, it's important that you keep your belly button clean in order to avoid infection


Your belly button should be kept clean, just like the rest.Credit: Getty
Dr Karan Rajan was responding to a woman who said she had found a stone in her partner's belly button


Dr Karan Rajan responded to a woman who claimed she found a stone under her partner’s stomach button.Credit: tiktok/drkaranr

An infection is when you have a white, brown, or yellow fluid seeping from your belly button.

You could end up with belly button jewels if your belly button isn’t used when you shower.

Sending to TikTokDr Karan Rajan explained to us that the body can create its own natural jewellery.

He was responding after a user said that her partner had confessed recently to having never cleaned his stomach button.

The woman explained that she had made the decision to clean her husband’s belly button as it was hurting.

She described how she continued digging and digging until she finally found the right thing and was able to pull it out.

Dr Rajan explained that this stone is commonly known as a belly button.

He said, “All flesh holes can be built up with sweat, dead skin cells and oils, fabrics, bacteria, and prohibited cheese.”

“If this material is not cleaned out on a regular schedule, it can harden and become an omphalolith, a belly button rock.

“Belly button stones come in a wide array of colours, it’s usually black but can be a light brown.”

A naval stone is something most people don’t realize they have. They might only be aware of a small scratch or infection.

These are more likely to occur in those with poor hygiene, who are very deep in their belly buttons, who are overweight, and who have lots of hair.


Experts have previously discovered that your belly button contains thousands of bacteria.

The contents of 60 stomach buttons were examined in a study that found 2,368 types of bacteria.

Some of the bacteria species were thought to be completely new to science.

Some species were more common in cleaner navels than others, such as 29 species for the cleaners and 107 for others.

The average number of bacteria types was around 67.

One of the volunteers was found with a bacterium previously found only in soil in Japan.

Even more bizarre is the fact that he has never visited the country.

One volunteer didn’t wash for many years, and he had bacteria in his navel. This is common in extreme environments such as on ice caps.

This study was done as part of the Belly Button Biodiversity project.

Woman describes what it was like to wee from her belly button

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