I’m a chef and you’ve been cooking your jacket potato all wrong… the right way gets crispy skin with no effort

You thought you were a master at cooking jacket potatoes?

It seems as though we’ve been doing a lot of stuff wrong recently…cooking, cleaning and all sorts.

If you want a jacket potato with the crispiest skin possible, listen up


Listen up if you are looking for jacket potatoes with crisp skin.Credit: @poppycooks/Tiktok

And now, it appears that we’ve been cooking our jacket potatoes wrong too.

Poppy O’Toole, a Michelin-trained chef turned ‘Potato Queen’TikTok has been contacted by a user to advise us on how to cook potatoes to achieve crispy skin. 

Poppy uploaded her TikTok clip ‘poppycooks’The caption ‘A chef’s secrets to the perfect baked potato’. 

She said: “Everyone wants to know how I get the skin so crispy and I wish there was something chefy to it, but there really isn’t.

“All you need to do is poke a fork in, that’s going to let the moisturiser out that lets you get nice, crispy skin.

“Then you’re going to slather it up in vegetable oil, that’s also going to help get that crispiness in there. 

“Add a load of flaky salt, you want to push the boat out for a baked potato. 

“Then I get it into a cold oven and get it up to 200 degrees celsius and leave it in there for about two and a half hours or so, so it’s crispy and delicious.”

So there you have it…the secrets for the perfect jacket potato.

Place the mixture in a baking dish and let it cool for at least two hours. 

First you need to poke your potato with a fork


You will first need to poke the potato with a forkCredit: @poppycooks/Tiktok
Then cover in vegetable oil and flaky salt


Cover with vegetable oil and flaky sea salt.Credit: @poppycooks/Tiktok
According to Poppy, you then put your pot in a cold oven and turn the head up to 200 degrees Celsius for two and a half hours


Poppy says that after placing your pot in the oven, heat it up to 200 degrees Celsius for 2 and 1/2 hours.Credit: @poppycooks/Tiktok

You thought 40 minutes was enough to make a crispy potato. 

At the time of writing, Poppy’s video had only been posted to TikTok four days prior, but had already racked up a whopping 664k views. 

It has been liked by 27.2k people, 210 comments and 488 shared. 


One person said: “From a cold oven? I’ve not heard of that before!” 

An additional: “When I make a baked potato I put it in the microwave for 7 minutes.”

A third comment: “The energy bill for 2.5 hours for one potato.” 

If you follow these steps, you will get the crispiest potato


You will have the crispiest potatoes if you follow these stepsCredit: @poppycooks/Tiktok

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