I’m 52 and love dating younger men – they’re fun & have great stamina, but they get a lot from me, too

A 52-year-old woman shared her reasons why she has dated younger men and how they have mutually benefited.

The self-described “cougar” tells viewers about the benefits of younger men dating older ladies.

Writer Patsy Menutti is 52 and very open about her cougar lifestyle on TikTok


Patsy Menutti (52), is an openly gay writer who discusses her cougar lifestyle via TikTokCredit: TikTok/ hellacougar
She shares several videos that detail the mutual benefits of dating younger men


She shares many videos about the mutual benefits that come with dating younger menCredit: TikTok/ hellacougar

Patsy Menutti is a transformation coach who uses her experience as an aspiring cougar to help others navigate the lifestyle through her online business. Hella Cougar.

Some of her resources may also be available for younger men. “cubbies,”Offer them guidance on how to meet and get along with older women.

According to Her websiteMennuti, a young woman, decided that she would be single forever and have many relationships in her life. This has given her an unique perspective on relationships and dating.

Most of Menutti’s TikTok content is about her life as a Cougar. “cougartok”For those in similar situations, we offer dating advice and community services.

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InOne videoShe also lists the advantages of dating younger men.

They are easy to care for, and they can be a great option for those who want to have a good time. “energy of lifetime of possibility ahead,”You will appear independent, fun and progressive.

The cougar posted a video describing the joy that comes with women dating younger men.

The twist in the tale is that money should never be a priority. She shares her findings here Another well-thought out video On the platform.

She begins the video by sharing some of her obvious perks like wisdom, maturity, confidence.

Menutti suggests that older women have more clarity about what they want, more independence, great conversationalists and more life experience.

She keeps her body fit through regular exercise and a healthy diet.Find a potential partner.

Self-described “chaser of cubbies”Also enjoys making Humorous ContentThat pokes fun on herself and at the average age of her younger suitors.

In the comments of her videos, viewers offered their opinion on her lifestyle. Many shared their stories.

“I have an ex 9 years older than me, sadly, no bag,”One TikTok user shared.

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“My misses is 53 and I’m 28,”Another opinion was expressed online.

“Does love have an age??”Another inquired.

The self-described says she likes dating younger men because they're fun and have great stamina, among other perks


According to the self-described woman, younger men are fun and have great stamina.Credit: TikTok/ hellacougar

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