If your eyes look like this, you could be anemic

If your eyes look like this, you could be anemic

Your eyes could be a sign that you may have anemia, even though you might not realize it. According to Fox NewsSimply look in the mirror. You should first check the area below your lower lower lashes, also called the mucous membrane. This area contains blood vessels. If it appears pale, it may be deficient in red blood cells. Your face, nails beds, and palms can also look pale if you are anemic. 

Anemia can also manifest as dizziness, lightheadedness and fatigue. Healthline). You may also experience jaundice — a yellowing of the whites of your eyes and skin. Per Medical News TodayOther symptoms include chest pain, headaches and irregular heartbeat. 

These symptoms should be reported to your doctor. A blood test will be done to check your iron, vitamin B-12 and folic acids levels. An erythropoietin injection may be necessary to increase your red blood cells if your anemia is severe. 

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