IdrisElba may star in James Bond Film — But maybe not as fans desire

IdrisElba may star in James Bond Film -- But maybe not as fans desire

The race Find the next James BondIt seems like there are Some serious contendersOn the growing list. Although Idris Elba is a popular suggestion, he has stated It is not going to happen.. Although this may not be the message fans are looking for, it may offer a consolation prize. Evidently, the LutherAccording to some reports, star could appear in the next 007 movie in a totally different manner.

Fans, even the actor’s own motherStar becoming the goal of many,. The first Black James Bond. Yet it seems more likely that he’ll play an opposing force in the next film. According to Central RecorderIdris Elba is said to be in negotiations with Bond to play the villain. 

Central Recorder was able to cite an unnamed source that revealed IdrisElba has spoken more than once with the people behind the iconic franchise. The sources claimed that Elba promised the fan-favorite actor the role in the upcoming film. An anonymous insider claims that the producers are determined to cast the talented star, even though the film is still in its early stages of development. 

He won’t be the title character, but they do recognise the amount of pull and respect he commands, and they want to work with him on a completely original character for the next instalment.

The next James Bond film is unknown at the moment. If this report is true, IdrisElba may have a chance to be part of the new era. This alone would make her a huge choice for the next series of films. Bond’s role will be played by many talented actors.

Outlander’s Sam Heughan seems to be one of the frontrunners, and apparently had even tried out for the role when they were casting previously. Heughan was among the many who were unable to compete with Daniel Craig. However, he is now more confident in his abilities to play the famed spy. 

There are many British actors who could play the role. However, only one Scottish actor has played the role. Sam Heughan, a Scot who was first introduced to Bond on big-screen, may be the right time to take over the role.

Although it feels like they’re worlds apart, it does feel like they do have a lot in common. Although I don’t see them ever going head to head as super villains and super spy’s, it is possible that the new era in the 007 franchise will bring together unique names that not only fit the bill but also surprise viewers. 

Again, there is nothing official about the new James Bond movie. We could be presented with completely different actors in the roles. CinemaBlend will keep you updated, regardless of what happens.

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