I wore a see-through wedding dress – it was the ultimate fashion statement, but trolls accused me of having no class

A NEWLYWED has spoken out on her decision to wear a see-through dress for her big day.

While cruel trolls accused her of having no class, she stood by her bold fashion choice and said there was an important reason behind her wedding outfit.

One bride wore a sheer dress for her big day


One bride wore a sheer dress for her big dayCredit: Tiktok – @ashley.raso
She loved the design but some weren't as convinced


She loved the design but some weren’t as convincedCredit: Tiktok – @ashley.raso

Ashley Raso tied the knot wearing a lace, sheer floor-length gown, which showed her white matching underwear.

The social media user then took to her TikTok profile to explain her reasoning, and thanked the brand who designed it called House of Harper.

Ashley, who can be found at @ashley.raso, shared a video filmed on various fittings and showed the dress design from start to finish.

She then told her 8k plus followers: “POV: You wore a see-through dress to teach your future daughter to be fearless.”

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The TikToker, from Sydney, Australia, then went into more detail and said she was thrilled to have worn the dress to say ‘I do’.

She wrote alongside the footage: “House of Harper thank you for trusting in my vision to bring this dress to life.

“I have had a passion for design and fashion all of my life and so when I went to Danny and Isabelle with a bold vision to make a see-through wedding dress, the ultimate fashion statement, they were instantly thrilled and on board.”

She said that after “pushing” themselves creatively, she couldn’t have been happier with the end result, as she typed: “The end product exceeded all of my expectations.”

Ashley rounded off her post as she continued: “Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

“My future daughter will thank you one day for allowing her mum to be fearless and take risks that make her happy.”

However, it seemed not everyone agreed with her sentiment.

Many said they thought the idea was tasteless and tacky and said she should have opted for something different entirely.

One person said: “This isn’t teaching your daughter to be “fearless”… have some class or elegance on your wedding day.”

Another branded the decision “stupid,” while someone else slammed her, as they wrote: “Walking like this next to your family on your special day is a little too much.”

However, others sprang to her defence and said they loved the look, describing her as a “Queen” and “stunning.”

One TikTok user wrote: “Love this so much.”

A second joined the debate, as they typed: “I love the covered but uncovered at the same time look. It’s exactly what I want.”

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While a third added: “I CAN’T, you’re an icon.”

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The material was totally see-through and raised eyebrows


The material was totally see-through and raised eyebrowsCredit: Tiktok – @ashley.raso

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