I was on Love Island when I discovered that I had secrets connections to the villa.

Antigoni buxton, LOVE Island star, revealed that she had relationships in the villa with men who were never shown on television.

26-year old stunning singer admitted in a new interview that there was a connection to several of the show’s boys, although this was not reflected in the episode edits of the ITV2 smash.

Antigoni has revealed fans didn't see all of the connections she made


Antigoni revealed that fans weren’t able to see all the connections she madeCredit: Eroteme
The reality star has become firm pals with Jacques O'Neill


The reality star is now a close friend of Jacques O’Neill

Speak to theCentral RecorderShe admitted that she had bonded with Jay Younger, Jacques O’Neill and Davide Sanclimenti. However, viewers at home wouldn’t know they spoke in Majorcan.

She stated: “With Jacques, you could see a little bit [of our friendship]. There were a couple of situations where I was giving him advice, there was one point when he was being stroppy and I pulled him [for a chat].”

She also stated that she and Jacques would have a baby together. “guide”If they felt the need to, they could share their experiences on the show. “lost”.

Since leaving the villa, they have been hanging out quite often. This has confused some fans who didn’t believe that this was their true friendship.

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Antigoni also talked about how she was frequently abused. “tagging along with Jacques and Paige a lot,”But the audiences didn’t see it “bigger picture”These scenes did not make it into the final cut.

The performer explained the following: “I spent a lot of time with the guys, training, making food, it just wasn’t shown. There were some flirty conversations, gym sessions, all of that kind of stuff. Ultimately, maybe they didn’t show it because [the spark] wasn’t there.”

Antigoni has revealed to Central Recorder that Jacques hadn’t spoken to Paige Thorne since leaving the villa.

“I saw Paige last night, and they’ve not spoken, no,”She spoke with Central Recorder during an exclusive chat at Tesco x Skin Republic event.

“I am really happy for Paige though and I do want the best for her. She’s amazing and she was one of my really good friends in there so whatever makes her happy is good for me.”

The blonde beauty denied rumors that she was in a relationship with Jacques.

“Me and Jacques are definitely not a thing. People can’t believe that a boy and girl can just be friends,”She said.

Antigoni claims she spent a lot of time with Jacques and Paige in the villa


Antigoni claims that she spent a lot more time with Jacques & Paige at the villaCredit: Eroteme
She also had more of a bond with Jay than was shown


Jay also shared a deeper bond with her than she was shown.

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