I was a Walmart employee once. How do you spot the “loss prevention” squad that patrols stores looking for signs of theft?


A FORMER Walmart employee has given his tips on spotting the signs. “loss prevention”Squad hunting in-store thieves

TikTok Athenia Camacho, a former employee, has revealed how secret shoppers patrol. WalmartEven the most sneaky shoplifters can be caught.

A TikTok user who claimed to be an ex-employee of Walmart revealed their use of hidden shoppers


TikTok user, who claimed to have been an ex-employee from Walmart, revealed their use for hidden shoppersCredit: TikTok

“We have this thing called asset protection loss prevention,”Camacho shared her story with her followers.

“My store had two employees. They would go around the store from morning till night, when we closed.

“They looked like normal shoppers, they would be wearing gym shorts, they would be wearing regular clothes.”

Camacho said “they intervene in a lot of situations,”They exist primarily to help you look. “for customers that are stealing, or putting things in their pockets, or putting things in their purses.”

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She explained that customers are expected to be followed until they reach the exit point. This is in addition to the Walmart greeters.

Camacho explained that they told the suspect thief that they had noticed something in their belongings that was not paid for.

Camacho continued by saying that the accused can choose to leave before the police arrive.

“They will stop you,”She said. “But from what I know, they cannot detain you,”

Asset Protection Loss Prevention members “can ask you to stay there.”

Walmart has been the subject of many magnifying glass lately as rumors swirled about their alleged scheme to catch shoplifters at self checkout.

Camacho shared some insider info about working at Camacho.

“Now what you didn’t know is Walmart employees that work in the self-checkout area carry devices around called TC devices,” she said.

“With these TC devices, we’re able to see everything you’re purchasing, how much your total purchase is, and how much each item costs.”


An employee can reportedly use the devices if they suspect that a customer is stealing. While the customer sees what appears to have been frozen, the device can be used to pause checkout.

This will prompt the customer to call for assistance, prompting the employee’s arrival.

Walmart customer representatives denied that this practice existed.

“Generally, our policy is just to check receipts at the door to prevent our customers from stealing at the location,”Their representative spoke to Central Recorder.

“The associates do have a code to lock a register if necessary, but we have not heard anything in regards to blocking the register from stealing.”


Walmart confirmed that transferring a customer from one register to another because of shoplifting suspicions would be allowed. “down to the store’s discretion.”

“It would be up to the store to reserve the right to handle it as they see fit in the situation.” 

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Walmart employees are allegedly viewed by Assets Patrol persons who supposedly also watch for potential theft.

Walmart has not yet responded to comment on the Asset Protection Loss Prevention Secret Shoppers.

The TikToker also made waves by previously alleging that the store uses a special method to catch thievery at self-checkout


The TikToker made headlines by claiming that the store employs a special method of catching thievery at self checkout.Credit: TikTok


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