I tried Aldi’s new 29p ‘fish alternative’ in a tin – here’s what I thought and if it’s even worth that

Aldi is selling “fish alternatives” for only 29p per tin.

One man, however, was not impressed by the banana flower.

A man who tried Aldi's new 29p banana blossom in a tin shared his review online


An Aldi banana blossom tin for 29p was reviewed online by a man.Credit: TikTok/@costoflivingcrisistips
He admitted it didn't look very appetising when he opened it up


When he first opened the package, it did not look appetising.Credit: TikTok/@costoflivingcrisistips
And as there were no cooking instructions on the tin, he tried boiling it


As there was no instruction on the can, he decided to boil it.Credit: TikTok/@costoflivingcrisistips
Once cooked, he said it tasted like a "wet tangy nettle" and certainly wasn't something he'd be trying again


He said that once cooked it tastes like “a wet, tangy nettle”. It’s not something he would try again.Credit: TikTok/@costoflivingcrisistips

His Cost of Living Crisis TikTok has been a great source of money-saving tips.

Even he could not convince himself that he liked the banana flower.

Aldi is selling Banana Blossom as a vegan alternative to fish. He began filming.

He said that the “tin doesn’t look appetising” after opening it.

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He decided to boil the can because there were no instructions.

After he had drained it from the pan, it was a little taste, but he couldn’t bring his self to consume much.

He said, “It’s like eating a tangy wet nettle. I would not wish it on my worst enemies.”

People in the comment section told him he had done it wrong and that he shouldn’t have fried it without marinating it first.

“Oh my. You’re supposed to marinate it and make a faux tuna salad!” “You’re supposed to marinate it and make a faux tuna salad!”

“I know the tin didn’t have instructions, but why didn’t you google?!”

Another added, “Jackfruit or other things similar to this as well as tofu can be used for the base of’meat.'”

You can use whatever marinade you like.

Third wrote, “You’ve got to add flavour.”

To which the man replied: “You can’t polish a….”

“To be fair I’d say boiling it isn’t the thing to do! You wouldn’t boil a tin of tuna,” someone else commented.

As the man responded: “This isn’t tuna mate. I wouldn’t even call it food.”

Another person wrote: “I believe you have missed the seasoning.”

The man said, “No amount of seasoning will save this monster.”

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“I’ve been wanting to try banana blossom so I was excited when I saw this and what you were going to do with it,” someone else wrote.

The result made me laugh out loud!

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