I Tried a Burger From Mark Wahlberg’s Fast-Casual Chain Wahlburgers

While the restaurant seemed a little gimmicky, the food was anything but that.


The food I tried was delicious.

Rachel Askinasi/Insider

I ordered the classic burger on the menu, which cost $11.95 and included a beef patty, American cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, and Wahl Sauce (the chain’s version of fast-food-classic pink sauce often called special sauce). 

As soon as I bit into the burger, I noticed how juicy and flavorful the patty was. I’m a pickle lover myself, so I appreciated the thick-cut discs that were heavy on the dill flavor. There was a single slice of tomato on my burger, but it was just thick enough to offer both flavor and texture. 

While I thought the cheese was nicely melted, it didn’t give a satisfying stringy pull the way my usual Five Guys burger does. 

I thought there was room for improvement when it came to lettuce — the greens on my burger were limp and slightly soggy.

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