I Live in a 250-Square-Foot Home, Here’s How I Save Space + Photos

  • My partner and I live in a tiny woodland-themed home that reflects our style and interests.
  • We sleep in a loft that we treat like an actual bedroom and even have a functional office space.
  • We use every inch of our home and have realized how easy it can be to live with less.

I’ve had a fascination with tiny homes since I was a teenager, so I spent the past five years paring down my belongings, researching cost and financing options, and talking everyone’s ear off about all things small.

When I met my partner, Thomas, I asked him if he would like to tour a tiny-house community with me. A little over one year later, we began settling into our new life in a 250-square-foot home together.

Here are some ways we make the most of our space:

We filled a 42-inch space with a desk of the same length

Desk surrounded by wall hangings

This 42-inch desk is perfect for my home office.

Nat Cornacchione

I’m a college student and a manager, so a home office was high on my priority list since working on a sofa or in a bed isn’t the same.

We have exactly 42 inches of floor space between the wheel well and the wall of our bathroom, so we found a desk that fills the space perfectly. We even tucked our EdenPURE heating system under it and still have plenty of room.

An over-the-toilet shelf in our bathroom holds all our essentials

Self with toilet paper and candle

The over-the-toilet shelf is cute and functional.

Nat Cornacchione

The tiniest part of our home by far is the bathroom, measuring only 30 inches wide.

It was imperative we keep our bathroom clean and clutter-free, and our over-the-toilet shelf holds the toiletries we need, with room to spare.

Our bed is lofted and we treat that space like an actual bedroom

Bed in loft with side tables and windows

Even though our home is tiny, our sleeping loft is comfortable.

Nat Cornacchione

Every night, we ascend our ladder into our loft, which is actually perfect for a restful night’s sleep.

The loft from floor to ceiling is only about 3 feet tall but still has everything we’d want in a regular bedroom.

We share a tiny TV mounted on the wall and have a bedside lamp, a table, and a window on each side of the room.

A custom paint job in our living room adds personality and divides our home into separate areas

Upon moving in, we saw our house’s white walls as a blank canvas, so we started planning a warm, inviting color scheme and got some paint samples from Home Depot.

Painting our living room perennial green and jackfruit was not only a fun bonding experience but helped us feel a sense of ownership of our space.

Open-concept storage helps us maintain a cleaner environment

Open-concept shelving with mugs and plates

I store all of our mugs and dishes in our open-concept shelves.

Nat Cornacchione

Open shelving to store dishes and glassware keeps our home neat and prevents the accumulation of unwanted clutter.

We have place settings for four and six sets of mugs and glasses, so everything matches and is organized.

Large wall hangings can make a big statement in a small space

Constellation wall hanging

This large wall hanging is a prominent piece of decor in the space.

Nat Cornacchione

We were drawn to vintage school charts from Cavallini & Co., especially one with a constellation design since he loves to watch stars move through the night sky.

By focusing on one large piece, we also cut down on visual clutter and help create the illusion that our ceilings are higher.

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