I have a two-hour rule that all men I date need to follow – and if they don’t, they won’t see me again

THESE days, ghosting has become a common fear many have when dating.

The ghosted woman now refuses even to get dressed for her date if she hasn’t received a text within two hours of their meeting.

A woman had been wanting on a man to check on her before their date


A woman had been wanting on a man to check on her before their date
He stood her up


He stood her upCredit: TikTok

Kristen Beatty, from New Jersey, revealed on a TikTok video: “This is new for me, it’s about 7:00 pm and I have a date at 9:00 pm – clearly, I am not in date form, no hair, makeup, I’m in my pajamas.

“Usually, I would start getting ready or at least thinking about getting ready but one too many times, I’ve either been ghosted or canceled on at the very last minute AFTER getting ready and it’s the most annoying thing.

“So, I am trying to do this: I don’t get ready until I hear back from him. I feel like I should be hearing something from the guy I’m supposed be seeing in the time that I have.

“So, this is what I’ll be looking like while we wait.”

Self-described forever single woman began to prepare her dinner at 7:15 and then ate 15 minutes later without hearing from her date.

Ultimately, at 8:00 pm, she then filmed herself eating ice cream, revealing: “He canceled.”

Beatty is clearly not the only one who thinks this way as many women sounded off on the comment section, applauding her for standing up for herself.

One woman wrote: “If you don’t hear from the guy multiple times on the day of the scheduled date, don’t bother getting ready or consider going.”

A second one commented: “If he doesn’t respect your time now, he never will. He should have had a plan and time by afternoon at least.”

And a third said: “Nah, if I don’t hear from him earlier in the day, I’m making other plans. No confirmation, no date. Especially if they planned it.”

She made herself some food while she waited on him


She made herself some food while she waited on himCredit: TikTok

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