I flew to Turkey for a cheap face lift but now I’m botched with stitches hanging out – they won’t give my money back

AS it becomes more common to see celebrities post about their cosmetic treatments, it’s no wonder that there has been a rise in people getting surgery.

People have many options these days to get almost any part of their body nipped.

Sharon has shared her botched surgery story in a bid to warn others about heading to Turkey for surgery


Sharon shared the story of her failed surgery to help others avoid going to Turkey.Credit: SHIFTYTHESAVAGE1

Recent Survey The majority of breast augmentations are requested by women aged 31 to 45, according to research.

But in the UK, it doesn’t come cheap as treatments can cost up to £20k.

It’s also known that traveling to Turkey is much more affordable than going to the United States.

It comes with some risk.

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Let’s just say that standards and equipment for medical use are not as strict in Turkey than they are in other EU and UK countries.

Turkey is not a member of the EU and therefore does not follow the same strict guidelines as our hospitals or surgeons.

Sharon Savage Maxwell Recently, I traveled to Turkey to have a facial. However, it ended in failure.

After four weeks, she still had stitches at her cheeks and was prescribed antibiotics.

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Her current focus is to increase awareness regarding the dangers.

Sharon shared her story with TikTok.

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She says: “So I have got stitches hanging out the side of my face, I got told I had dissolving stitches and they’re not dissolving and they’re not willing to pay me back the money for the work that wasn’t carried out.

“They want me to go back over there.”

Sharon isn’t the only victim.

She says: “But I’m on a group chat with about 16 girls who have been with this company, and they’ve all been watched.

“A few of them are back over and they’ve been re-botched.”

Sharon says Sharon is being silenced by the company with which she has gone.

I’m not afraid to talk, I’ve told them the only way they are going to silence me is if they pay me my money back

Sharon Maxwell

She says: “There has been a gag put on some of the people to talk about it from the Scottish government.

“Which is very very strange.

“I’m not going to be silenced about this, am I hell.

“Too many things are happening to girls over there.

“Turkey is not a bad place to go and the people in Turkey are lovely, I am not slating the country at all.

“It’s this company.”

Sharon claims other women have had botched jobs including a stolen kidney


Sharon alleges that Sharon and other women are guilty of stealing kidneys, among others.Credit: SHIFTYTHESAVAGE1

Her appeal to celebrities is not only for them to quit advertising, but also for the public.

Sharon says: “They (celebrities) are getting paid to get this work done, and they are getting paid to advertise, this should not be allowed.

“Celebrities should not be allowed to promote plastic surgery, it’s damaging to people like myself, even to men, girls, women, children damaging, it shouldn’t be allowed.

“I’m not getting my money back for the work that wasn’t carried out, I’ve been left with stitches handing down the side of my face and that’s about four weeks later.

I have a few stitches hanging from my side.

Sharon Maxwell

“I’ve been on antibiotics since I’ve come home.

“I’m not afraid to talk, I’ve told them the only way they are going to silence me is if they pay me my money back.”

This video was viewed more than 160k times. Many people have rushed to comment on it to voice their concern.

One wrote: “Where did you go Sharon? Wonder if it was the same place I went. I ended up in hospital when I got back too. I know of many others through Instagram.”

An additional: “I nearly died. I had threats of being sued and jailed and had to have four surgeries on return . Only returned £2000 of my money reluctantly ! xx.”

Another said: “Jesus I wanted to go turkey for a mummy makeover, probs not gonna even look into it now Jesus! I hope you get your pennies back xxxxxx”

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