I couldn’t afford my pricey rent but now I pay just £53 a week and I’ve saved £11k in a year

A WOMAN has revealed how she pays just £53 a week and has managed to save a whopping £11k in one year.

Brittany Cosgrove, 27, from Wellington, New Zealand, was struggling to pay $500 (£267) in rent for a “damp, smelly and cramped”She decided to sell her studio apartment.

Brittany Cosgrove, 27, from Wellington, New Zealand, saves over £11 a year by living in a van


Brittany Cosgrove, 27, from Wellington, New Zealand, saves over £11 a year by living in a vanCredit: @brattycosgrove/Instagram
She was struggling to pay expensive rent and now spend just £53 a week


She was struggling to pay expensive rent and now spend just £53 a weekCredit: @brattycosgrove/Instagram
Brittany lives in Wellington, New Zealand and travels teh country in her van


Brittany resides in Wellington, New Zealand. She travels the country with her van.Credit: @brattycosgrove/Instagram

Brittany is now the owner of her own business. Nope Sisters Clothing, where she is the lead designer, lives in a van which she bought for $6000 (£3215).

It might seem small to some but the designer joked it’s bigger than some of the flats that she was looking for and has everything she requires.

The bathroom is the only thing that’s not included in the apartment, but it doesn’t seem to bother the 27 year-old, who claims that it’s quite easy to find a good place to shower.


Brittany keeps a portable bathroom in summer. “point out good showers, public bathrooms and places to camp for free,”She told Mail Online.

Additionally, if she decides she wants to spend the money, the free-spirited Brittany can stay in a holiday park for an extra £10 a night where she has access to the park’s facilities.

To live in, the van costs Brittany roughly $100 (£53) a week, which includes registration, maintenance, petrol and the cost of parking.

In Brittany’s home city of Wellington, she was looking at sharehouses for up to $400 (£214) a week, and that’s not something she wanted to spend.

She was looking for something newer than the 1991 Nissan that she got when she first thought of buying a van. But she fell in love with the vehicle right away.

It was already mostly set up by the time she picked it up. “heaps of storage”A large bed, kitchenette, and toilet were all provided by the owner. She made some adjustments as needed.

Brittany enjoys more freedom and less rent while living on the road.

“I have so much time now, once you cut out the rent factor you can have spare money which is nice or you can have an extra day or two off a week,”She spoke. 

“When you are constantly working there is no time to sleep or look after yourself properly – I don’t know how people are supposed to thrive in that environment.”

Brittany has taken the initiative to travel New Zealand by herself, and is also doing odd jobs.

She will also crash with a friend or relative if she is unable to drive anymore.

I have so many hours now. Once you get rid of the rent factor, you can have more money. Or you can take a day off each week.

Brittany Cosgrove

In fact, she claimed that she was the one who inspired her parents to buy their van after she borrowed her van for weekend trips.

Brittany pointed out that adjustments are necessary and gave some tips.

She recommends that you take a brief trip in the van you select before you give up on your life.

The solo-traveller suggested that it is a good idea for small spaces to learn how one-pot meals can be made. These are easy enough to prepare in a small kitchen.

Furthermore, it is important to try and organize your life as you have very limited space.

Brittany said that she couldn’t imagine spending hard-earned cash again to rent a van after giving up her home in order to buy one.

“It is a lot of work to put in and doesn’t seem worth it, I find more than enough satisfaction in the van and doing some house sitting.”

Brittany also shares the journey on-line, including via her blog TikTok Page.

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She has more financial freedom and has more time on her hands too


She is more financially independent and has more time to spare.Credit: @brattycosgrove/Instagram
Brittany calls this van home


Brittany calls the van homeCredit: @brattycosgrove/Instagram
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