I call myself a thick cutie but guys always say my body is a horrible sight – I couldn’t care less, thanks

A woman described as BIG has ripped into the trolls who said her big belly was a horrible sight.

Ej, a TikTok User only known by her first name Ej often posts clips on the app of her embracing herself. But some men are horrified at how she embraces her curves.

The stunner shared the ultimate response after a meanie said her body was a 'horrible sight'


A meanie had called the body of the woman a horrible sight. The stunned girl shared her ultimate response.Credit: TikTok/fatgirlfcks
Luckily, Ej has also amassed an army of hopeful would-be Romeos


Ej also has a legion of Romeos in the making.Credit: TikTok/fatgirlfcks

A comment was made recently about the red-haired beauty, saying that her body fat was an ”horrible” sight.

Ej was not bothered by the cruel remarks, despite the fact that she gets trolled on a daily basis. She even responded to the meanie.

The body positive influencer, wearing a crop-top and joggers with a low waist, shared a reply video to the negative comment.

She could be seen here looking at the insult, making a sad face, and dancing her belly out.

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Ej rubbed her tummy while she moved her hips and gave the camera an amusing smile.

The meanie is tagged in The videoIn the caption she continued: “cry over it.”

After being posted on TikTok the video has received almost 20k views, and dozens of users have commented to express their support.

Romeo, a hopeful wannabe said to the girl: “You look absolutely stunning.”

One person added, ”lol this is an excellent figure in terms of evolution…and maybe my choice.”

Someone else said: “I like what you see.”

“When they do not get, nobody is forcing them look,” a fourth troll reminded.

This stunner is believed to have originated in The USIt has almost 35k fans, with close to 270,000 likes in total.

Despite the harsh remarks, it seems there's no stopping the body positivity influencer any time soon


It seems that despite the rude remarks, the influencer of body positivity will not be stopped anytime soonCredit: TikTok/fatgirlfcks

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