I am a terrible bridesmaid. I cut my frumpy gown two days before the wedding.

A WOMAN took it upon herself to change the bridesmaid’s dress for her friend two days before the wedding. Not everyone is happy.

Brittney Rae uploaded a video to her TikTok profile @brittneyraetodayHere she shows a before-and-after of the dress.

Brittney took it upon herself to redesign the bridesmaid gown she was going to wear


Brittney decided to design the bridesmaid gown that she would wear.Credit: TikTok/@brittneyraetoday
She shared photos of the design she came up with


She shared photos of her design.Credit: TikTok/@brittneyraetoday

The original gown was renamed by her. “frumpy”And “ugly”She had it on her account and wanted to change it.

“Transforming my frumpy dress two days before the wedding,”She said.

Brittney displayed the designs she had drawn and said that she had to deconstruct them first. I was a little stressed.


“If I mess up I have nothing to wear and the bride will KILL ME.”

The finished product was then shown to her, and it showed a lot more skin than the original.

The comments were split with some criticizing her for changing her dress.

“Imagine thinking you’re the main character at someone’s wedding,”One person wrote.

“I’m going to say this… her wedding is not about you!!”Another.

“Then don’t try upstage. We can all tell what you’re doing,”The third person who wrote it was

A fourth was added: “I would never be okay with this and that’s fine because I’m not the bride but I just hope you wouldn’t steal the attention from your friend.”

Others agreed with her, but preferred the original gown.

“Aww I prefer the original,”One viewer wrote.

“It looks great but the original version was soooo dreamy,”Another.

Brittney was supported by others who pointed out that Brittney might have been asked to purchase a certain dress.

“She probably got told to wear a certain colour. She obviously wouldn’t change it if she was told to wear a certain dress,”One commenter wrote.

A second: “Y’all she clearly just bought a dress in the right colour and didn’t have to have a specific style.”

Brittney has not yet confirmed that this is true at the time we are writing.

She said the bride would be extremely unhappy if she messed up


She stated that the bride would be very unhappy if she made a mistakeCredit: TikTok/@brittneyraetoday
Brittney shared what the final product now looks like


Brittney showed us the final product.Credit: TikTok/@brittneyraetoday

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