I am a professional organizer. Here are my tips to help you declutter your kitchen in just five minutes. Also, how to throw away things that you don’t need.

Between rushed lunches and cleanups and exits out of the door, there is no guarantee that anything in the kitchen will be located exactly where it should.

Tracy McCubbin is an organization expert who shares her tips on clearing clutter from the kitchen in five minutes or less. Also, she explains what you should always be throwing away.

Tracy McCubbin shares her decluttering tips for the kitchen


Tracy McCubbin shares her tips for decluttering the kitchenCredit: TikTok/tracymccubbin
Old, broken, or burned kitchen utensils need to get tossed


You should throw away any broken or burnt kitchen utensilsCredit: TikTok/tracymccubbin

Tracy focuses TikTok content around decluttering and tips and tricks around her house.

Almost everything that you can get rid of can be done in less than five minutes.

One VideoShe focuses her efforts on organizing kitchen utensils.

Cooking utensils occupy a lot of storage space, from the countertop to multiple drawers.

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“Pull out all your kitchen utensils, lay them out… Get rid of the ones that are splintered, the ones that are burned. Just take a minute and get rid of the kitchen utensils you don’t like,”Tracy:

Tracy recommends that you seperate the wooden utensils form the metal to make your look more organized.

“Two seconds and it looks instantly organized,”She said.

Next, she will declutter food storage containers.

This is what a professional organizer captioned Video: “I know every single one of you has bottomless or topless Tupperware.”

That’s her first piece.

Tracy explains that every piece of Tupperware should have a lid and a bottom.

You should throw out any container that you cannot find the top or bottom.

This rule does not apply to glass containers. You can cover them with plastic wrap or tin foil.

Tracy adds that companies that produce glass Tupperware are more likely sell replacement lids.

“So if you have glass storage and you lost the tops for it, replace the lids, give it another life, and keep it out of the landfill,”She offers some suggestions.

Tracy encourages viewers, even though they may not seem like a problem. Declutter water bottles.

“Like coffee mugs, we all have too many water bottles. I believe each person in your household gets two,”She said.

Follow this rule and get rid of those you don’t use or love.

If food containers don't have a top, throw them out


Throw away food containers that don’t have a lid.Credit: TikTok/tracymccubbin
Get rid of the water bottles you don't use and only allow each person to have two


Don’t keep any water bottles. Each person can have only two.Credit: TikTok/tracymccubbin

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