I am a nutritionist. Here’s how your favorite condiment can affect your health.

MARMITE lovers will love this — eating more of it could be GOOD for your mental health.

Scientists at the University of Reading believe that yeast extract can be used to reduce anxiety, and even depression.

We reveal the health benefits of some of our popular meal-time condiments


We highlight the health benefits associated with some of our most popular meal-time condimentsCredit: Shutterstock
Your favourite condiment may lift your physical and mental health


Your favorite condiment can improve your mental and physical healthCredit: Getty

They found that high levels of B vitamins – which are found in Marmite – can interfere with your brain chemistry.

Researchers discovered that the spread contains high amounts of vitamin B6, which can help stop anxious thoughts from entering the brain.

300 people received vitamin B6 or B12 supplements well above the recommended daily intake or a placebo in the trial.

Vitamin B12 showed little to no effect when compared with placebo, while Vitamin B6 had a significant impact. “statistically reliable difference”It can help to reduce anxiety levels.

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If you’re not a Marmite fan, don’t despair, your fave condiment may also lift your physical and mental health, with a dollop of ketchup believed to boost male fertility.

Signe Svanfeldt is a nutritionist and founder of Lifesum, a healthy eating app that allows you to eat healthier. She tells Isabel Shaw about some of the health benefits of popular condiments for meals.

Mayonnaise: vitamin D boost

Mayonnaise is made from nutritionally beneficial foods


Mayonnaise can be made from nutritious foodsCredit: Getty

MAYONNE is made from nutritious foods, despite being often criticized for its high-fat content.

Signe says: “Mayo is traditionally only made from vegetable oil and eggs, both of which are nutritious food items.

“The oil contains unsaturated healthy fats and the egg provides protein as well as nutrients such as vitamin D.”

A high level of vitamin E is also found in the condiment, which may help protect women after menopause from strokes.

Researchers from Intergroup of Arizona Phoenix and University of Minnesota found that women postmenopausal who consume significant amounts of vitaminE in their diet are less likely than others to have a stroke.

Mayonnaise was the most concentrated food source of vitamin E that the women in this study consumed.

Signe says: “Mayonnaise is, however, often very energy dense. If you are having an energy restriction, you might have to be mindful of the amount of mayonnaise you eat.”

Moderation is key, just like all good things in this life.

Mint sauce: night vision

Mint sauce is one of the lowest-calorie condiments around


Mint sauce is a low-calorie condiment.Credit: Getty

IT probably only sees daylight on a Sunday afternoon to sit alongside a lamb shoulder – but is one of the lowest-calorie condiments around.

The sauce contains six calories per teaspoon and is made from mint, sugar, vinegar, salt, and sugar.

It’s also high in fibre, vitamins, and nutrients like calcium and potassium.

Mint is a good source of vitamin-A, which is a fat-soluble vitamin essential for night vision and eye health. This was confirmed by a study that involved nearly 11,000 women.

Signe says that the sauce’s high sugar content can cause concern.

She said: “Mint sauce should be eaten in moderate amounts since an excessive amount of sugar in someone’s diet can lead to obesity, cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.”

Try to stick with one tablespoon for your Sunday roast

Tomato Ketchup boosts fertility

Ketchup has been found to potentially boost male fertility


Ketchup can be used to increase male fertilityCredit: Getty

THE tangy tomato sauce – which until this year was crowned the nation’s favourite condiment – has been found to potentially boost male fertility.

According to one study, antioxidant lycopene (which gives tomatoes their colour) can increase sperm count up to 70%.

Researchers at Sheffield also found that the antioxidant could increase swimming speed as well as reduce abnormal sperm.

What’s more, eating tomato sauce two or more times a week can also reduce a man’s risk of developing prostate cancer by around 20 per cent, according to a 2002 American study of 47,000 men.

Signe warns, however, that ketchup may also conceal high amounts of sugars.

She said: “If you want to lower your sugar intake, find varieties with no or reduced added sugars.”

Kimchi: healthy gut

Kimchi proved a big hit with foodies during the pandemic


During the pandemic, Kimchi was a hit with foodiesCredit: Getty

This traditional Korean side dish was a huge hit during the pandemic.

It promises good gut health, as well as antioxidant properties.
But does it really have all the potential?

Signe claims that fermented cabbage is healthy for you.

She says: “Due to the fermentation, kimchi is rich in healthy bacteria and is a probiotic which is beneficial for our gut microbiota.

“Not only is it rich in healthy probiotic bacteria, but it is also rich in dietary fibre.”

For a spicy kick, eat it with rice or eggs.

Early research has shown positive effects of eating it on body weight, body Mass Index and glucose management.

In one study, it was also suggested that kimchi might slow down the aging process.

Scientists say that it is still unclear how fermented Korean kimchi helps with weight loss and slows down the aging process.

Mustard: anti-inflammatory

Mustard sauce in bowl isolated on white background


Isolated mustard sauce in a bowl on a white backgroundCredit: Getty

MUSTARD is thought to be one of the world’s oldest-known condiments, with historical records suggesting it was invented in ancient Egypt.

Many consider the fiery sauce a superfood. It is loaded with magnesium and selenium, which may have anti-inflammatory properties.

Some studies also suggest that mustard seeds could protect against bacteria and fungi like E.coli.

Other studies have not shown any protective effects.

Signe points out the high sodium content of most mustard varieties.

She suggests that it be eaten “in moderation”.

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Signe adds “High intake can raise the blood pressure and lead to cardiovascular disease.”

Conversely, sweeter mustards have a higher sugar content which can increase the risk of developing cardiovascular disease and weight gain.

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