I am a flight attendant. Everyone avoids these drinks on flights and they are wrong

It is important to drink water aboard planes. However, it can cause people to get agitated.

Some say that water provided by us should not be drank because it is so unhealthy. This is utter nonsense.

I am a flight attendant. Everyone avoids these drinks on flights and they are wrong


For the past ten years, I have worked as a flight attendant at a top airline. This week’s Sun Online Travel blog will be about water onboard planes.

There are many other Tiktok flight attendants who talk about the water in our aircraft, as though it were a scooped from a pond.

Although it’s safe to store it in a tank that’s not cleaned as often as you might think, it doesn’t make it unsafe.

I know of people who have flown for over 50+ years, and they’ve never had any problems with the hot water.

People freak out because they see a video online and feel it’s very grim.

Do you want a cup of tea?

For those who prefer cold beverages, there is plenty of bottled water at the airport.

If passengers are unsure how to respond to something (turbulence, pilot announcements, hot water), I always recommend that they look at the behavior of flight attendants.

It’s easy to see that we enjoy drinking it in the tea and coffee we need for long-haul flights.

This job has been my career for nearly 10 years. There have never been any illnesses among the crews I have flown with.

We recommend that you use the water for much more than just drinking a cup of coffee.

We love to have a self-caterer on board, and will happily eat pot noodles or other simple snacks that you bring onboard.

Because they’re inexpensive and simple to prepare, many staff bring them.

We have cup noodles onboard on some Far Eastern flights.

There have been times when I spent up to six hours just filling up noodles cups.

It makes meal service easy, and I don’t know of any cases of mass passenger illness due to the water.

Take Tiktok’s flight attendants with a grain of salt. They will tell passengers not to drink hot water while sipping coffee during their in-flight stops.

This flight attendant also shared some tips on how to stay nourished while aboard planes.

The man was caught eating a strange snack while on flight.

Some people are scared of drinking the hot water served on board planes


Some people are afraid of the hot water offered on planes.Credit: Getty

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