I am a camping specialist – the small but important pre-holiday checks that can cause disaster.

Experts in camping have revealed a pre-holiday checklist that is often overlooked and can cause disaster.

In the UK, camping holidays are becoming increasingly popular – particularly in summer.

A camping expert has issued some urgent advice for those who love to be outdoors


An expert in camping has some important advice for outdoor enthusiastsCredit: Alamy

Never has the idea of being able to squeeze yourself into a tiny tent while feeling at one with Mother Nature in the outdoors been more appealing.

One expert has advised campers that they should make their summer adventure perfect, whether it’s a camping trip or weekend festival.

The experts said that in the rush to get ready for a trip, it can be easy to forget about essentials. Reader’s Digest.

Before embarking on a long road trip, campers are advised to make sure they pack their tent stakes.

These items are often forgotten because they’re usually kept in a bag separate from the tent.

It is almost impossible to put up a tent without them, despite the fact that they are very small.

The experts warn that plastic stakes usually come included in tents and they should be replaced.

The campers are advised to buy metal tent stakes to protect themselves from storms, as plastic is prone to breaking and bending.

Upgrade your stakes if you don’t want your tent to fly off.

They also add to never forget to use a small rubber mallet when pounding stakes into ground.

A rock could easily cause damage to your valuable items, and your tent may not be properly secure.

You should test all of your camping gear before you leave.

Experts say that even experienced campers forget tent stakes when they don’t check their bags after their last trip.

This way, you can test out everything, see if you’re missing any items and put your tent-constructing skills to the test.

The campers were also urged to bring enough food, wear different clothing layers and not to underestimate weather conditions.

Earlier this month, a camping expert revealed the easy way to fold a pop-up tent back into its bag.

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