HyConn founder blames Mark Cuban for their failed deal

HyConn founder blames Mark Cuban for their failed deal

HyConn found itself in a tight spot due to the difficulties brought on by Mark Cuban’s deal. Stroope could not fulfill any orders, even though the company was getting more exposure from its appearances on “Shark Tank”. HyConn received a little bit of help not long after. However, this did not go according to plan.

101 Ventures of Arkansas announced its investment in HyConn during the summer 2011. This new approach seemed to be promising. The incubation company shared that it had begun the manufacturing process and was in talks with over 30 nationwide distributors. 101 wanted to work with Stroope because of the fire hydrant and garden hose connector Stroope developed. Matt Fifer, partner at the company, said in an interview that they were more than happy to work with Stroope. Press Release, “We are extremely excited to be involved with an organization that has such tremendous potential for both saving lives and achieving commercial success.”

Unfortunately, the partnership has not produced any tangible results. HyConn’s inactivity has been largely the result of this. It has not posted on Facebook since 2019 while its Twitter account no longer exists. It is running fine, but all of its products have been listed as unavailable. Since 2021, Stroope has been a Tool & Die Shop Manager for the ammunition manufacturer D&M Holding Company.

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