Husband continues yearlong battle with mystery illness, leaving his family to rely on GoFundMe donations

Doctors in Texas are concerned about a man in Texas who is in declining health. This has put his health and job in danger, as well as the family’s financial security. GoFundMe Page for financial assistance

Texas woman Allison Telfer KENS5 local outletHer husband Adam Telfer has a mysterious illness that has been a mystery for over a year.

“He was perfectly healthy before his COVID diagnosis in August 2021. He was diagnosed with acute COVID and was in the hospital for three weeks but he recovered,”Telfer.

Telfer said to the outlet that her husband was again ill in April.

“He just all of a sudden started getting dizzy and [having] high fevers, and we couldn’t figure out what it was,”She said.

Telfer claimed that five separate hospital admissions were made for symptoms such as dizziness, shortness-of- breath, fevers and cardiac issues. However, doctors in the hometown remain stumped. 

At one point, Adam was on a ventilator — which has since been removed — and is now struggling with aphasia — which is a language disorder caused by brain damage, according to the outlet. 

“It’s like he is in there but he can’t get any words out,”Telfer.

Telfer indicated that doctors suspect that his condition might be autoimmune.

“When he wakes up from sleeping he will 100% coherent and remember everything. Then as he is talking you can see him slip back into the fog. From what the drs have told me, this also is a Lupus symptom,”Their GoFundMe, created by Kellie Lewis, a family friend, was read. 

According to the outlet doctor told the couple there might be a COVID element. According to the outlet, doctors informed the wife that they don’t have a way to confirm a connection. 

The family would like to have their father transferred to University Hospital in San Antonio. If they can’t move him there, they would prefer to see a clinic that has a rheumatologist.

Update to GoFundMe on July 31 “First thing this morning the hospital was honest and said that the best place he could be is University Hospital. It’s very hard to get in there, from what I have been told.”

“Our immediate need and prayers is to get Adam transferred to University ASAP. Your prayers are most welcomed,”The update on the fundraiser was available.

Telfer said that her husband loved his job, but had recently been placed on medical leave. He may lose his job and the insurance to cover medical bills if he doesn’t recover.

“FMLA kicked in this week, so he is no longer getting his salary. His employer will pay their part of the insurance premiums for the 12 weeks, but I need to cover the parts that came out of his paycheck,”Read the latest GoFundMe update. 

“Knowing I have these funds available to me is a burden lifted. Let’s all pray that he gets well within these 12 weeks so he can keep his job.”

However, Allison posted an update on Adam’s condition to the GoFundMe page today, saying, “Adam took a bad turn. He has come down to its pneumonia and is now intubated in the ICU again. It’s not too late for a transfer to University,”

“Immediate prayers are that his lungs heal, a room will open at university and if anything the hospitalist at Methodist can work with Adam’s rheumatologist and get treatment going,”Read the update.

According to the outlet Allison had to close her small business to care for her husband, and their children. The family now relies on the generosity of others via the GoFundMe which has raised just over $12,600 towards their $20,000 goal.

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