Husband Bathing Child In Kitchen Sink Throws Wife In A Frenzy

Reddit user MammaBearit33 discovered that her husband bathed their son in the sink and then called him gross before she completely banned him from bathing their child.

Recently, a Reddit user named MammaBearit33 shared a post about the time her husband tried to bathe their son in the sink. The unsuspecting walked in and immediately stopped him because she thought it was “weird.”

MammaBearit33 didn’t know that people bathed the children in the sink until she came home one day, discovered her husband doing it, and threw a fit. After their argument escalated, she turned to Reddit for help.

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On the morning of the incident, MammaBearit33 went out to do some grocery shopping. She explained that they used to share parenting responsibilities in the past. She handled “big tasks” (feeding, changing diapers, and bathing) while he handled the “smaller” tasks (cleaning up and rearranging sheets/blankets).

When she returned home, her son’s crying sound greeted her. Her mother ran to check on the situation and was immediately taken by surprise. Her husband was then trying to wash their son in the sink of the kitchen.

And although Jessica Zablan, owner of The Birth & Baby Company, says it is safe, the Redditor didn’t think so at the time. “It is also more comfortable for parents to stand at the sink versus leaning over a bathtub”

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The angry wife called her husband “gross” for trying to bathe their son in the sink and then removed their son from it. He was then banned from bathing in the sink again and she told him that it wasn’t his responsibility.

Her husband called MammaBearit33 “selfish” and “controlling.” In the heat of the moment, the Redditor lashed out at her husband because of his attitude and told him to “stop whining.” At the time she wrote the post, the couple wasn’t on speaking terms.

MammaBearit33 received a lot of backlash from the Reddit community for the way she handled the situation. Many of them believed that the husband was innocent and said that children are used to washing their bodies in the sink.

After she read the comments, she came back and added, “I’m sorry, but I had no idea it was common to bath babies in kitchen sinks (?) Weird because literally none of my family did it. I now get why my husband said it was normal.”

Most of the Redditors weren’t happy with the way she treated him. In the comments, they suggested that she apologize to her husband for what she did and take steps to make amends.

Several years ago, Reddit user kitkatpineapple began an interesting discussion on the platform. They asked the community, “Have you ever washed your baby in the sink?” And the answers were unanimous. Nearly the whole community agreed that parents should bathe their children in the bathtub.

One of the top comments was by a user named themomrollcall who replied, “I don’t know a single friend of mine that doesn’t have “sink bath” pictures from their baby days. I’ve done it for my girls.”

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