Hunter, the original Gladiator’s star, looks completely different after quitting his show to practice yoga

Hunter the Original Gladiators hunk looks almost unrecognisable since quitting to focus on wellness and yoga.

James Crossley was a popular face on ITV’s series from 1993 until 2000. He became known for his bulging muscles and long flowing hair.

Hunter was one of the most popular Gladiators on the show


Hunter was the most popular Gladiator on the showRex Features
These days James prefers gong baths to the travelator


James is now a fan of gongs instead of travelatorsCredit: mrjamescrossley/Instagram

The athlete even reprised his role in 2008 for Sky’s reboot of the programme but since then has been mainly focused on a different kind of exercise regime.

James, aged 50, turned his back to extreme sports, competitions and showbiz, instead choosing to teach the disciplined art of yoga.

The bio of the studio where he currently works states that the former strongman, bodybuilding champ, and multiple World Record-holder decided to change his training following a series of injuries.

And it was during a yoga retreat in Bali, Indonesia, that the strapping 6ft 3’ man-mountain became mesmerised gong baths and decided to train in the method.

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Hunter was the youngest Gladiator to be recruited for the show when it launched, joining at the tender age of 19.

It was also said that a large part of the record-breaking viewership for the show is due to the fact it appealed across the board.

This show, broadcast on Saturday night, was ITV’s most popular program, drawing an 18-million audience.

He hit the headlines after dating the show’s host Ulrika Jonsson, the relationship was strongly denied until she finally came clean in her 2003 autobiography.

The star, who had dabbled in acting for several years before, settled down into the sporting industry along with many of his co-stars.

James is a successful personal trainer and consultant. He runs Chelsea Fitness.

He's still a keen fitness fanatic but prefers a different pace


The fitness fanatic is still active, but at a faster pace.Credit: mrjamescrossley/Instagram
James hit the headlines after dating the show’s host Ulrika Johnson


James hit the headlines after dating the show’s host Ulrika JohnsonRex

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