Human-sized ‘super drone’ can fly one person at 50mph after just 10 minutes of training – but there’s a brutal catch

It’s surprising that a NEW, person-sized drone equipped with a cockpit can be operated by anyone after just 10 minutes of instruction.

McClic, the Monaco aerial photographer and drone company has taken their new MC One eVTOL personal on a successful flight after a number of tests in 2022.

McClic is the Monaco aerial photography and drone show company that has already taken its new MC One personal eVTOL on a successful test flight


McClic has taken the MC One personal eVTOL, a new drone from Monaco’s aerial photography company and show, on a successful flight.Image Credits: Cover Images
The high-tech transportation device is a simple but futuristic-looking coaxial octacopter


A simple, but futuristic looking coaxial eight-rotor helicopter is the high-tech vehicle.Image Credits: Cover Images
The eVTOL has a drone-style flight control system that makes most of the hard work of flying, like balancing and adjusting against wind gusts, totally automatic


The eVTOL is equipped with a flight control system similar to that of a drone. This makes the majority of hard flying work, such as balancing, and adjusting for wind gusts, completely automatic.Image Credits: Cover Images

This high-tech transport device looks futuristic but is actually a coaxial octacopter.

McClic describes a flying vehicle as a car that can be operated by anyone after only a few minutes of training. This has sparked a lot of interest about the technology behind it.

The eVTOL is equipped with a flight control system similar to that of a drone. This makes the majority of hard flying work, such as balancing or adjusting for wind gusts, completely automatic.

Human-sized drones weigh around 353 pounds, and can travel at a top speed of up to 50 miles per hours.

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According to the manufacturer, a full charge of the MC One battery will give you 25 minutes’ flying time. Monaco Tribune reported.

This large drone comes with 8 carbon propellers, and behind the pilot’s head a small roll bar.

It is important that the driver does not feel restricted by a cabin, canopy or glass as these elements may affect their overall flying experience.

McClic has already begun receiving orders and delivery is scheduled to begin next year. However, it won’t be as simple to own it as to fly.

Cost of drones is $150,000.

Some feel the price is way too high for the MC One to be competitive in the developing personal eVTOL market as the Jetson ONE is priced at $98,000, just over half the price of McClic’s new drone.

Jetson Aero has raised its price for their human-sized drone to $92,000 from $82,000 because of inflation. The drone can fly up to 20 hours on one charge, and it is able carry a pilot who weighs a little more.

The 2023 production is sold out. New Atlas reported.

A demonstration flight is planned from Monaco’s heliport this September.

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