Hugh Hefner’s Twin Exes Claimed They Were Monitored At Playboy Mansion

Is it a joyous or terrifying experience to live on a reality TV show? The final season of “The Shannon Twins” featured the Shannon Twins. The Girls Next Door, and they’re sharing some horrifying stories about their time on set. Here’s what they had to say.

What was it? ‘The Girls Next Door’?

2005 E! Get together PlayboyTo create The Girls Next Door. The reality series brought viewers into the Playboy Mansion to witness the drama and drunken hijinks. Hugh Hefner appeared alongside Bridget Marquardt, Holly Madison, and Kendra Wilkinson. The series was a big success, and it led to several spinoffs.

As the series progressed, the original trio became disillusioned and wanted to quit. They were contractually bound to stay for the sixth season. Instead, Hefner was able to bring in three new girlfriends. Crystal Harris was joined by twin sisters, 19-year-old Kristina Shannon and Karissa Shannon.

The sixth season was very popular, but the viewers dropped from 2.4 million to 919 thousand in just a few weeks, marking the end. While the Shannon twins were forced to leave the mansion, they continued to star on the show.

Now They’re Talking

The Shannons sat down on A&E’s Playboy secretsShannon says they did not get to talk about their time on the reality TV show. Shannon says, “He locked us in our bedroom”Those two were kept under strict surveillance. “There would be a security guard sitting outside of our door. … They would always, in the morning, come up with their report of every single thing we did that night the next morning for [Hefner].”

It gets worse. The pressure was too much for the twins to have a baby with Hefner. They finally caved and Karissa became pregnant with Hefner’s child. She said, “I felt like there was something, like, like, an alien inside me. I was just grossed out.”To escape his control, she chose to have an abortion.

Hefner is out!

Shannon doesn’t mince words when it comes to her experience. “For me, it’s, like, rape. He would use control mechanisms completely throughout everything, so I’m happy that I had the abortion.”Shannon isn’t the only ex-Playmate to criticize Hefner following his horrific treatment. The allegations are serious and leave an indelible mark on Hefner’s complicated legacy.

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