How Ukrainian Welder Victor Mihalev Creates Art Using Old Bomb Casings and Mortar Shells

From a cluttered corner of his workshop, Victor Mihalev gathers the raw material he will use to make his sculptures. His materials of choice are the waste products of war. 

The Ukrainian welder uses discarded bomb casings, mortar shells, and bits and pieces initially made to hurt.

By welding, pounding, and hammering, Victor takes these former implements of destruction and fashions them into flowers, chess sets, and other things of beauty. 

The gnarled material lends a haunting, tortured quality to his creations. Though the spent ammunition is transformed, Victor’s work reminds the viewer of what it once was. 

The 59-year-old’s art has been exhibited in museums in Europe and the former Soviet Union. And he’s currently preparing for a new exhibition of his work.

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