How to watch A Shoulder To Crying on webtoon English-language as new BL airs

South Korean drama BL Drama “A Shoulder to cry On” featuring an all-star K-pop ensemble has been airing since it began and is proving popular with viewers! This article will show you where to view A Shoulder To Cry On online in English.

Since Omega X’s Shin Ye Chan and Kim Jae Han, the lead characters in the latest BL drama A Shoulder to Cry On began almost a full year ago, there has been a lot of hype surrounding the show. Even though only four episodes have been released, K-pop star Tae Hyeon and Da Yeol are being praised by fans.

English: Where can I read “A Shoulder To Cry” webtoon?

Mangatoto’s English webtoon, A Shoulder To Cry On can be found at the Mangatoto Site The English Webtoon contains over 30 chapters. Dongmul created the original comic strip and published it in 2020.

Readers loved the webtoon’s angst and it was chosen as a drama for BL in 2021.

Episode Guide of “A Shoulder to Cry on”

Although the webtoon features nearly 30 chapters, K-drama only has seven episodes. Rakuten Viki will air the finale on April 5, while GagaOOLala will broadcast it.


A Shoulder To Crying On is the ideal blend of romantic and thriller elements. Based on the true story of two high-school students who become friends and enemies eventually, Da Yeol the promising archer meets Tae Hyeon at an infirmary, where they are playing with each other.

Their unfortunate encounter leads to a lot of trouble for Da Yeol prompting the athlete to his new ‘friend.’ But eventually, the hate turns to affection when Da Yeol gets to see how lonely Tae Hyeon’s life is.

On the other hand, while Tae Hyeon likes to play around with Da Yeol, he has secrets that he can’t share with anyone, and eventually A Shoulder To Cry On becomes a story of how Da Yeol and Tae Hyeon find a friend in each other.

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