How to tell if your hotel room has been cleaned properly

Next time you check into a hotel, there is one item you can check to see how clean it is.

Harrison Jacobs spent 300 nights in hotels and Airbnbs over a year. He revealed the secrets of how the kettle can tell you the condition of a hotel.

 Check the kettle when you go to a hotel - as it will reveal how clean your room really is
Check the kettle when you go to a hotel – as it will reveal how clean your room is Credit: Getty – Contributor

He told Business Insider: “Every time I enter a hotel room or an Airbnb, I check the electric kettle or coffee maker – a standard item in nearly every hotel room – to see how clean it is.

Because coffeemakers and electric kettles have constant water or moisture, they can become a breeding ground for bacteria, mould, and rust.

“If they aren’t cleaned regularly — and I mean with vinegar, not rinsed with hot water — they quickly become gross.

“As such a small item and a tedious one to clean, I’ve found that coffeemakers and electric kettles are frequently overlooked by less diligent hotels.”

He added: “When I get to a new hotel room, I pop open the top to the appliance. If I see mould or rust, which happens often, I ask for a new room or shorten my stay to one night and move on to a different place.”

It is certainly a wise decision after a story about guests cleaning their dirty knickers in kettles horrified frequent travellers – and even weed in them.

While Mr Jacobs said he isn’t a “germaphobe,” there are several items he never touches due to their lack of cleanliness.

He added: “I say goodbye to the throw pillows, forget about sitting on the armchair or ottoman, wipe down the TV remote, and walk around in socks or flip-flops.”

Actor Henry Golding, who starred in the blockbuster film Crazy Rich Asians as well as several BBC travel programmes, explained he always packs hotel slippers in his suitcase to walk around dirty hotels in too.

Sun Online Travel revealed previously the most disgusting spots in hotel rooms.

Another hot spot is the remote control, which is handled by many people.

The most surprising place for travellers is the seating area. Any soft furnishings can be covered in bacteria because guests frequently sit on them unclothed.

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