How to make a store-bought pie look better and taste better

You can make an herb caramel sauce to give your store-bought pie a gourmet twist.

Apple Pie on a white plate with a form and mug by it

You can elevate your dessert with a drizzle of caramel

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Professional baker, winner of TLC’s “Cake Boss: Next Great Baker” Dana Herbert told Insider that he recommends adding an herbed caramel sauce to ready-made pies.

“Add some cinnamon, rosemary, thyme, ginger, or cardamom to warm caramel sauce and serve it with the pie,”Herbert said. “Even traditionally savory herbs can complement sweet desserts.” 

If you’re not sure whether a particular herb would pair well with your pie, Herbert recommended closing your eyes and smelling the herb or spice — if you can detect something sweet in the scent, it’s probably OK to use.

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