How to hide your WhatsApp status from specific friends and family

SHARING a WhatsApp Status can be fun – but maybe you don’t want everyone to see it.

Thankfully there’s a way to make sure that select contacts can’t see your Status.

You can limit who sees your WhatsApp Status


You can limit who sees your WhatsApp StatusCredit: WhatsApp

That means you can effectively pick and choose who your latest WhatsApp Status is visible to.

First, it’s important to understand how the WhatsApp Status works.

If you and your contact have each other in the contacts, Status updates can only be seen.

Your Status updates are automatically shared with all your contacts.

But you can limit change who it’s being shared to at any time.

How to limit WhatsApp Status Privacy

First, open WhatsApp and then tap Status.

If you’re using an Android phone, tap More Options (three vertical dots) then choose Status Privacy.

And if you’re on an iPhone, tap Privacy.

Then you’ll have three options to choose from.

The first is My Contacts – this lets all of your contacts see your Status updates.

Second is My Contacts Except – this shows your Status to every contact, except people you specifically exclude.

Third is Only Share With – this only shows your Status to people you’ve chosen to include.

Changing your privacy settings won’t affect any Status updates that you’ve already sent.

Your Status views will be affected by your read receipt settings.

If you’ve got Read Receipts set to off, you won’t be able to see who’s viewed your Status.

And if a contact has disabled Read Receipts, you won’t be able to see if they’ve checked out your Status.

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